I find it hilarious that the researchers/authors of this type of "scholarship" always take the diaries, letters and other accounts written by the conquistadors, missionary priests, refuge-seekers and other European travelers to Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific Islands at face value. They take it for granted that everything men from Europe wrote down on parchment or paper always reflected their true feelings and corresponded directly with what they did in real life. When, in fact, everything they wrote was written with the idea that it would be read by others - perhaps even published for wide consumption - and as a result, the views they recorded reflected the orthodox religious doctrines and accepted views prevailing in their home countries at the time.

It's like these "scholars" never heard of hypocrisy. Of course, the white guys from Spain, Portugal, Holland, France and England who explored and took over the "New World" and other parts of the globe would use their writings to condemn the sodomy and sex abuse of children they witnessed amongst "the natives." Coz that was the party line of the countries and Christian religions in whose name they did their exploring and colonizing. But in actuality, lots and lots of these men committed the sins of sodomy, child rape and many other "depravities" all the same. Just as large numbers of Roman Catholic clergy did both back then and forever since.

A more realistic representation of how Whitey from Europe really felt about sodomy and child rape can be found in the letters from Egypt that Gustave Flaubert wrote in the 19th century. Educated, elite men from Europe used to go to "exotic" foreign lands precisely for the purpose of "buggering" little boys and sexually using and abusing girls & women. "Sex tourism" wasn't invented in the 20th century. It's been part of the reason men have been on the move around the globe since time began.

This 💯. And modern anthropology is all based on this one sided perverse world view - of most of the worlds population as savages -with all its baked in biases and Eurocentric “interpretations “.

Yet diaries from the actual people they write about aren’t considered valid historical documents unless validated by the “respectable “ historians and anthropologists.

Men have been perverts since the beginning of time. And the white men who have controlled these narratives...the absolute worst

And now the woque perverts want to mix the Noble Savage idea with the perversions of societies outside Europe to push their own deviancy.