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Pretty sure she heard that somewhere. 5-year-olds don't come up with that on their own.

Second this. Someone is teaching your kid some nasty bigotry. Time to find out who!

Lmao sure, kids totally can't recognize biology.

But 18 month olds totally come up with the idea of the genital fairy changing their penis into a vagina.

Where'd she learn that bullshit so young? Hopefully she unlearns that crap.

Time to send the 5 year old girl to a reeducation camp to validate dad's feelings!

Person: "A 5 year old knows they were born in the wrong body! Why do you doubt them??? They came up with this on their own!"

Same person: "My 5 year old is a dumb bigot for recognizing biological fact! What a dumb child! They know nothing! They must have been brainwashed!"

Lol right? It's like these people have never met a 5year old. Kids can come up with all kinds of crazy things on their own, they don't think this kid can come with "it's weird to call my dad my mom"? Not to mention, they are big on categorizing at that age and have a hard time going against those categories. I remember full on arguments with my kid about English words that didn't follow the rules (plurals, tenses &etc).

[–] La 32 points Edited

I came here to say this. Kids make up all sorts of stuff and categorize everything. Children of lesbians say that all girls have long hair and wear dresses and refuse to wear anything but dresses and skirts to preschool. Despite having two parents who are women with short hair and no dresses. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

The role of parents is to STFU, keep their kids safe, and listen to them categorize my little pony while adamantly arguing that they’ve met all the ponies. Or pretend to listen :)

[–] Avadavat 94 points Edited

I have zero sympathy for a man who prioritizes his subjective gender identity over the well-being and common sense of his small children.

"I am very upset," says the FATHER who subjectively self-identifies as a woman...inside.

But, did dear old DAD ever give a moment's thought to the feelings and mental health of his 5-year old daughter?

Obviously, his 5-year old daughter is very upset, too...upset that her very own FATHER has become divorced from reality and also expects her to join in affirming his deeply disturbing delusion.

He wants her to call both parents “Mom”. Generous of him to allow the actual frijkin mother of his children to keep the word, eh? Kid knows who her Mom is, thank goddess.

Classic narcissistic abuse...gaslighting his five year old and saying he's the real victim.

Yep. She’s clearly uncomfortable but how dare she have feelings. She only exists to validate him.

So the kid is a daughter?

Huh, wait for when the child will hit puberty...

They shouldn’t be sharing their fetishes with children. These men shouldn’t be allowed around children.

You ever think about what it's going to be like when these kids tell all in 15, 20 years? The Lifetime movies, the "oh didn't see that one coming" Netflix docudramas, the tell-alls in the Guardian and the NYT? Everyone's going to act like they had no fucking clue and we're going to be over here like 'WE HAVE A WHOLE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM ABOUT THIS."

[–] Gini 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 35 points

I'm going to be yelling "WE TOLD YOU SO" so hard and so much every single day



„That was made in part because you wouldn’t want to listen to us when WE TOLD YOU so and you banned us from TELLING YOU.

[–] YpsiRadFem Blerg 22 points

And they will blame feminists for “not doing anything about it”, or “ignoring it”, or “promoting it”, or whatever works.

[–] SamuraiGhostCat 14 points Edited

Yep, especially considering how most TIMs are pedophiles.


Users here say “feminists aren’t advocating for trans people to be harmed or lose their jobs or whatever” and most are not, but I absolutely want all male “transitioners” to be removed from society. They are all fetishists, all dangerous to women and most of them are, as you said, paedophiles. Parading a fetish should be cause for dismissal or not hiring and it should mean never being allowed near children again.

Same!!! Totally agree with you.

That recent Supreme Court decision about employers not being allowed to fire people for being trans is bullshit. Especially since the case involved a TIM being fired from a funeral home because he wanted to wear women’s dresses and heels there. That’s the last thing people need/want to see while mourning, & the people had every right to fire his ass. Now TIMs can get away with anything they want, basically.

Yes five year olds do come up with this stuff themselves. Kids are hardwired to recognize biology and they are immersed in society. My kid was confused as to why her friend had two mommies until I explained to her that some people have two mommies. And trust me she never got the idea that families have to have a mom and a dad from us. I’m not comparing lesbian couples to men pretending to be women, just commenting that kids draw their own conclusions of sex and gender and what’s “normal” from their own interactions with society.

I have a friend whose daughter recently transitioned to a boy and their son cannot wrap his brain around this. This child is fully immersed in trans audiology and he doesn’t want to call his sister his brother. This is not natural for kids to understand.


Kids are not stupid.

Kids notice A LOT that adults delude themselves into thinking they are hiding from them.

Kids have no filter, they say exactly what they are thinking. (good for them)

5 year old TERF. Good for her.

Yep. My then 4 yo noticed that several kids on his soccer team had two mommies. He didn’t make a big deal of I, but he certainly noticed it.

And trust me she never got the idea that families have to have a mom and a dad from us.

Yeah. I sometimes feel like people think they needed to have these thoughts implemented in their heads by adults to appear. My wife and I decided to not have children, but eventually relatives will probably have this talk with their kids about why we’re in a relationship/married to each other. They notice that something is off, because the absolute majority of the world around them doesn’t work like that. Like even if our nephews grew up with us around the majority of time, they would notice that we’re not fitting in with the rest of what they know and get curious or draw their own conclusions.

A family with mom and dad is pretty much all they see, it’s all I saw growing up after all, and naturally they’ll get confused by those that don’t fit into that all of a sudden.

[–] La 9 points

It’s also that they can only view the world relative to themselves, so they view all adults as moms and dads. Because that’s the role of adults relative to them.

Also, kids somehow do figure out you need a mom and a dad, way before they know about sex.

people will proudly say that children always say the truth, unless they refuse to partake in their delusions. Poor child.

[–] yikesforever 36 points Edited

Oh man, the poor kids, holy shit. I can't imagine growing up with a dad like that. Girl has to tell her dad he'll never be a real girl... This is just fucking tragic.

[–] Gini 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 28 points

5 year olds tell the truth. He is upset his child is speaking her truth.

I don't understand why you would do this to your child. It must be very confusing for her. I hope her mom will be able to protect her well enough from him.

I saw this one too. Same dude has a bunch of posts about growing your own mushrooms.... 👀😳

I super duper disapprove of growing edible drugs around small children.

Wow. It's almost like TIMS have all around really bad judgment or something.

[–] KBash 5 points Edited

I get where you’re coming from, and I disapprove too (unless they’re in a locked closet or other space that child would never access- like you’d lock up any type of drug, or weapons, if you have them; and never use them without a responsible guardian to temporarily look after your child, for the afternoon or whatever; I say this because some people do use them medicinally-but you’re right, not most people).

I do think that his declaring himself a woman is worse, though. Even if he’s not an abusive autogynephilic trans woman, he’s showing right here that he’s putting his own subjectivity ahead of his young daughter’s feelings during an important developmental phase; and he’s deliberately chosen to not keep that in the closet, as he could any mushrooms he grows.

That said, it’s doubtful he’s responsible about his mushroom cultivation and use considering how irresponsible he is in other ways, and it does indicate he’s immature, I agree.

Yeah, the mushrooms can be completely out of sight, out of mind. But he requires his daughters daily participation in his fetish.

"I'm trying to force religion on my child but they're saying they don't believe in it. I'm very upset. I say "but I feel it why can't you feel it too?" They say they can't feel it and that it doesn't mean anything to them. I'm really very upset."

This is just like parents who punish their children for not being interested in their religion. He is going to make a scapegoat out of that girl

So let me get this right: they’re taking children away from parents who refuse to let their child be given dangerous experimental drugs because they said that they hate their body, but letting a fetishist who expects his five year old to validate his fetish continue to be parents?

Based terf kindergartner ❤️

But seriously, “she didn’t come up with that idea on her own”? More like from the mouths of babes. Even tiny children can understand that trans = fakery, and they don’t yet have the social filter to pretend otherwise.

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