When the misogynistic TIM tries to apologize and a woman responds "No thanks, your misogyny was gross and I have no patience for people who stoop to that level." and "apology not accepted, carry on" I was WHOOPING. I hope she's here, that was invigorating. 👏👏

Seconded! RotundPony, if you're reading this, you brightened my day, much obliged!

Y'know that feeling in the movie when the villains have almost succeeded, and the second-tier protagonists are trying valiantly and all is lost anyway, and then, out of nowhere, BAM! — Hero arrives to save the day?

RotundPony has some of the best anti-trolling skills I've ever seen on the internet, and I've been around for quite some time. My top highlights:

And please extend an invitation to Metric_Head, too, if you have one?

I have one but I'll admit I looked through some posting history to make sure I was extending them to women I felt good about and she had a few... Questionable posts vis a vis race. I'm all for a diversity of opinions but I also feel like I have a duty to ally with Black women and I didn't want to invite that in.

Tl;dr I'm an ovarit exclusionist 😉

My firm belief in general regarding all movements is that diversity is strength. We've learned from progressive-ism that aiming for ideological purity results in a movement of single individuals with no power. While that one woman might have some dodgy beliefs about race, as long as she's A) in favor of women's rights and B) more than balanced out by all the not racist and anti racist women, then she is a benefit. People also change their views over time, more so when they're exposed to intelligent arguments from people they otherwise respect and agree with.

Just as a general concept, striving for ideological purity in general is harmful to us as a group and as individuals. Surely you wouldn't think it fair to be kicked out of here for a single belief not being in line with everyone elses?

Of course there has to be a line, you can't add every woman hating white supremacist just because they agree on gender identity.

In my personal life I say "everyone gets one". Everyone gets one thing to be wrong and a bit shitty about. As long as we're all shitty and wrong about something different, it will balance out. If you're shitty and wrong about 3 different topics you're not worth the time.

I have no opinion on this specific person, just commenting on the need for balance in making sure people are beneficial to our overall cause without cutting off huge chunks of supporters for coloring outside the lines.

[–] Rabbot 5 points Edited

The super heroine we always needed. Seriously, that's some chill cucumber trolling. I usually drop insults because I can't handle their stupidity. I feel like I chatted with this person before my account got NUKED into oblivion. Their screen name looks so familiar. I bet money they were a GC poster.

Here's the removeddit link: https://www.removeddit.com/r/Periods/comments/ihpsuw/trans_men_exist/

And here's the discussion over on saidit's GC sub: https://saidit.net/s/GenderCritical/comments/69ru/rperiods_got_brigaded_today_how_long_till_they_go/

The commenters in that r/periods thread were done with TRA BS, so much peaking in one spot. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see so many women calling that shit out for the misogyny it is.

Holy shit! That removeddit link is a sea of red deleted responses!

If OP wants to participate here regarding their biologically female period, they should discuss their period. No one gives a fuck what fantasy world theyre living in toddy.

Perfect and absolutely correct. No one would think TRAs were so invasive and irritating if they could fucking stick to the topic at hand instead of trying to convert everyone and then fleeing and trying to stir up a brigade by disingenuously complaining that they "only wanted to have a conversation."

I think the mod(s) of r/periods wisely decided to remove all of it, since the common TRA tactic seems to be brigade, leave false flag comments if they're not getting the reactions they want, and then report the subreddit as a hate sub. Then when the sub gets banned they can put a TRA mod in charge, and start limiting what women are allowed to discuss.

Luckily we have tools like removeddit and ceddit, so we can see what was said and by whom.

The OP of the TRA bait post went and made 3 attention-seeking posts in one of the trans subreddits complaining about the comments she was getting, and everyone was falling all over themselves about how r/periods is a TERF sub. I wish! It's not a TERF sub at all! They allow trans posters, they just don't want obnoxious gender debates shitting up their sub that's very specifically centered around menstruation.

I hope those who are peaking get Ovarit ;)

I just want to remind those inviting people from reddit to vet the accounts first!

Just because they agree with us on this one subject doesn't mean they might take the rest of RF principles with open arms.

I'm not saying they have to agree with everything, but they at least should be respectful enough to get along with people they disagree.

I don't want this place to become toxic :(

I liked this:

"Effective immediately, anyone coming to this sub posting anything akin to "but what about transmen and nonbinary people" will be immediately BANNED"

Link Title

I am absolutely shitting myself at that post. I'm so happy that they stood up for themselves.

Had to archive it! When the sub gets banned they’ll want these receipts :D



Thank you! That site doesn't work for me with the mobile Tor browser, so I can't archive or view links. I'm glad that it's been preserved!

There’s a mobile Tor browser? 😳 How does that work? Sounds cool/useful

[–] Medusa [OP] 9 points Edited

It looks like right now there's only a mobile Tor browser for Android. You can find it, along with Tor for other operating systems here: https://www.torproject.org/download/ You can also learn more about Tor and what it does at https://www.torproject.org/

I'm loving it so far. It can cause display problems with some sites, but it's perfect for using saidit, ovarit, and other spaces where you might have privacy concerns. (It's no substitute for being closed-lipped about personally identifying information, though! I would never talk about most of my hobbies on here, for example, because someone with enough motivation to dox me could make educated guesses about my identity by cross-referencing spaces for those hobbies.)

Thank you for posting it! I’ve had a bit of a break from the internet recently, just came back to see this! Let’s see them ban the sub that is for people that have periods :D

Holy shit, did they kill the ENTIRE comment thread? That is wild.

Yeah, sadly that's the best shot at avoiding the sub getting banned, now that TRAs have set their sights on it.

this is a great opportunity to bring more women to ovarit, but let's be mindful about our invite codes. make sure you're inviting trustworthy people before giving them the code.

Please use your invites to bring the women on board here, if you got them to spare.

Seeing this post, I feel pretty proud to have brought @Medusa on. You go girl!

Thank you again! I've been sleuthing in women-centered subs doing deep dives into the comment and post histories to vet people I think will be a good fit here. As soon as I hit level 5, I'm going to start slowly bringing people in.

I've had to unfortunately pass on at least half the people I've found, but there are some very promising candidates! I wonder how many of them are here already...

[–] Raea 18 points

Here's an interesting question, given the current state of the english language: does the posted comments section pass the bechdel test?


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