Decolonized?????? Are they suggesting women colonized birthing? What is this steaming pile?

I think they mean white people, because, you know, before white people showed up, no civilization anywhere on Earth had any idea what sex was (according to TRAs) and everything was gender neutral.

Also, I can't believe they didn't name this event "Birth, Binary, and Beyond". Missed opportunity.

'decolonize' has become my absolute favorite buzzword, people are out there talking about 'decolonising' literally every thing and it never makes sense

Woke word vomit.

Also the term "folx" is so infuriating I can barely stand it. It is NOTHING more than virtue signaling. Folks is already gender neutral. I hate it.

Isn't getting pregnant, carrying a child to term and birthing it the most binary thing ever?

I wouldn't mind if this (as of yet!) very small minority...this tiny woke sliver of the population...wanted to create small, independent communities exploring new ways of birthing...but, NO!! They not only want to explore "Birthing Beyond the Binary" (whatever the hell that means) for themselves, they insist on taking over existing independent woman-centered birthing communities and compelling them to adhere to "inclusive" and "non-binary" ideology and language.

I'm taking a perinatal nursing program right now and shit like this literally makes me nod with satisfaction every time my terf-y textbook use the words "pregnant woman".

And by terfy you actually mean perfectly normal and accurate.

Precisely. Beautiful and glorious accurate language.

Who would ever have imagined that it would become a refreshing anomaly to read something about women's health that still calls us women?

The more I try to make sense of this, the less I understand it. We live in odd times

Navel gazing at its finest... Lots of words, lots of ideas framed in flowery academic language, but at the end of the day there's nothing that can be practiced or applied in any meaningful way.

Yes, decolonizing birth away from women....the only people who can achieve it. And can someone tell me what the fuck a "reproductive space" is?