"We are going to open a woman only domestic violence shelter. It will be open for all women from all communities and circumstances.

The war on women is no better illustrated by the fact that women's domestic violence services are no longer providing women only shelters.

Most of the UK's women's domestic violence shelters are not women only, ie not single sex. Councils and government make it impossible for any such provisions to explicitly exclude men, specifically using the single sex exemption of the Equality Act. It is now rare that women's services even attempt to use the following exemption to enable them to keep all men out. Even the staff can be mixed sex....

We want to ensure that women in the UK have a choice to be in a women only environment when they are in their most vulnerable state. We can only do this with independent funding, free from the restrictions imposed by grants.

When these women need to leave it's essential that there is a place for them to escape to at any time of day or night that is run by women for women. The staff will be female only."

I hope this is the first of many. Good luck to them.