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"Green has no qualifications befitting her role aside from being the mother of a child who underwent a sex change. In 2010 Green took her then teenage child for a sex change operation in Thailand."

Her son was 16 years old and had been fed puberty blockers for some years before his mother took him out of the country to be emasculated. He never had a choice.

Compare Green's case with that of a woman who takes her daughter out of the country for an FGM procedure. The law is clear: schools and GPs have a duty to raise safeguarding concerns when female genital mutilation is a possibility and the law can be used to protect the girl and prosecute the parent. Why has Susie Green not been prosecuted for male genital mutilation? Is the CPS waiting for her son to raise a complaint against her? Why would he? He's been mutilated and sterilised by his own mother, who is lauded (by some) for this terrible act and has built a career on it. What possible redress could he ever obtain?

I'm sure these questions have been raised before, and they may even have been answered, but I'm new to active feminism and I've never seen any replies, other than the usual shrug "It's the same old double standards." I really would be grateful for a proper answer.

I want to see that organization charged for crimes against humanity.

It seems the celebrities that once supported them like Prince Harry and US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are melting away and Mermaids have been left floundering under the gaze of public scrutiny.

AOC? really? Can someone clue me in?

Also, this article and some things on Mumsnet have me thinking there's a certain amount of premature victory celebration going on. My perspective is very USA so there's that. Not much victory over here. That's why I'm so curious about AOC.

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This is the history. It's also the reason why TRAs troll us with Donkey Kong memes.

Thanks for the detail on Ocasio-Cortez and the fundraiser, I hadn't seen all that.

Does anyone know anything about her "melting away"?