Imagine being so privileged you get upset when the gays don’t talk about you.

Imagine being so privileged you get upset when the gays don’t talk about you.


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imagine this happening to any other group

a charity focusing on native americans gets hate for not including black people

a charity for the blind gets hate for not including the deaf

but GOD FORBID a charity just focus on sexual orientation instead of lumping the completely different matter of gender identity in with it!

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BLM marches get infiltrated with support your trans sisters speeches. Feminists infiltrated big time same message. Gay organizatons infiltrated big time.

Hmm what could the common hidden denominator be? Let's see...African Americans struggled to get rights and to be treated like human beings in a white male dominated society. Women same thing Gays and lesbians same thing.

This sure does look like a pushback to put us back in a place where we aren't allowed to be treated as human beings with rights. See they always start with the least defended and all this psy ops of women ain't nothing but bitches and hoes, porn culture where it promotes hostility towards women's bodies, men's rights activists online grooming males into believing they are the real victims of some made up gynocentric society, MGTOW was to create a severe lack of empathy for women so we would be the easiest to pick on.

So first take down feminism but simultaneously sneak in transing kids that might be gender non-conformist therefore could grow up to be gay or lesbian. After that is a success, then they will focus on ethnic minorities. Those who sit back and laugh because it's happening to women don't even see if successful with women they will find a new target to subjugate. Sounds like supremacy under the guise of wokeness.

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Sounds like supremacy under the guise of wokeness.

Exactly. It doesn't pay to be overtly hateful anymore. Now the way to destroy us is the sneak in through the back door.

People wonder why black people haven't had a civil rights leader in a long time. It's because every black person who tries to make a difference is either bought out, drugged and tortured into submission in "mental hospitals," or quietly assassinated, with their death being made to look like an illness (bio warfare) or an accident so that people stop denying that racism is still going on. It's staggering the amount of blind people who think we live in a "post-racist" society. I remember some white guy saying that in one of my college courses and just sitting there being baffled.

Racism and sexism and homophobia aren't over. They're just sneakier. They couldn't dominate by force so they will brainwash us instead. It's just evil. There is no other word for it.

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Honestly, I so agree with this. 2012 was the first year in MANY years in the United States that the Democratic Party received more private funding than the Republican Party. Two years later is when all of the crazy trans shit first became relatively mainstream here. And I get that it also coincided with same-sex marriage finally being legalized and GLAAD, just like Stonewall, needing to find someway to keep themselves relevant. But I also can't help but wonder if there is actually a ton of conservative funding that went into the Democratic Party to destroy it completely and yes, erase many of the strides many marginalized groups have made in this country since the 1960s. Republicans are stoking fires against Democrats, but only Democrats are trying to stoke fires within their own party. Am I supposed to believe this is just a coincidence? The Democratic Party has become a disgusting, covertly racist, overtly sexist, anti-biological science, pro-propaganda extremist group, just like the religious right who took over the Republican Party. It is so distressing.

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instead of lumping the completely different matter of gender identity in with it!

Which isn't even real and is a mental illness. I'm starting think a lot of TRAs are either too stupid and lazy to actually think critically and support the TIMs blindly or they are in it for the money. Either way, it's disgusting.

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So many of them are just so fucking lazy. Of virtually everyone I have dealt with in person who supports them and isn't trans or part of the LGBQTIA.... blah blah blah community, it is the fake wokes who "support" the trans community by actually not knowing virtually anything about them at all, and this is also the group most likely (even more so than actual trans people) to do the whole "WHY DON'T YOU ASK A TRANS PERSON WHAT A WOMAN IS!!!" routine, and when you explain to them the lack of logic in TRA propaganda they always back down with "I'm not trans so I cannot speak for them" dumb shit. Like, the question wasn't "What do you think trans people will think about the following..." the question was: "Why are you so fucking stupid that you can't understand female and male are determined at birth, and even beforehand in utero, by viewing the obvious presentation of genitalia?" ... still, it's ALWAYS "Dur... why don't u ask a trans person?" Disgusting is right.

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Also, why the fuck would I have to ask a trans woman what a woman is? I'M A WOMAN. TRANS WOMEN SHOULD BE ASKING WOMEN WHAT A WOMAN IS, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!! Adult human females are indigenous to women's culture. Trans women are colonizers who are appropriating it.

Could you fucking imagine if white people were arguing that they're black just because they engage in some cultural elements that are stereotypically associated with black people, and when black people said it's about skin color, not "feelings", white people called them bigots, and when asked to explain to black people what it means to "feel black", all the white people kept on saying was: Why don't you ask Rachel Dolezel what it means? Like I really cannot deal with the people who cannot see the similarities between these two insane scenarios. Either willfully stupid or willfully pig-headed.

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I wonder if they removed the blue tick yesterday because as of today due to the Maya Forstater ruling it is now illegal to do so in the UK.

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I thought the point of the blue tick was just to say that this isn't a parody account, not that Twitter agreed with the account. I guess they just don't want the LGB Alliance to have any form of legitimacy.

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Like any big corporation supporting TRA's absurdity. So oppressed... Yeah.