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This is so stupid it could have only been designed by two very young, very drunk libfems.

Where are my panties supposed to go? They can't stay around my ankles. Do I have to take an entire leg out of my trousers?

ETA: So you can stare into the eyes of the TiM that's masturbating in the restroom with you. Yeah this is going to go great.

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Full partitions and doors that lock are necessities.

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Communal toilets AND communal wash basins that are sex segregated are necessities: even if there are lockable floor to ceiling stalls, in unisex facilities women may still exit those stalls and find themselves alone with creepy men at the communal sinks in an isolated and isolating space. Moreover, washing out menstrual mishaps from underpants, trousers, skirts in the communal sinks (something I've had to do twice during my life of menstruation) is hard enough to do with other adult human females present: imagine if men and/ or a rambunctious group of boys entered the space!

Edited for clarity.

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There is no way I would ever agree to be pantless in this thing. There’s no door or lock. Anyone can just come in and grab you mid-pee.

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Why is it faster than just having 6 portopotties?

Oh god it's a squat toilet... I hate those. I'd rather go in the bushes.

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See photo of prototype with woman standing inside. It looks totally open-air. You can take a leak without missing any of the concert, I guess? Everyone will have to be abled enough to squat or lean and hover and there will be railing to help yourself up from squat position.

Designers said women are already hovering but surely the hoverers sit down to #2. Ugh. Bad idea all around.