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'I'm non-binary motherf**kers,' the 26-year-old declared to their 170,000 followers. 'Big props to those who have been educating and advocating for the ENBY community the last few years,' they continued. 'Looking into what it means to be non-binary had me realise that that's who I've been my entire life. Gonna use they/them pronouns from now on too.'

This isn't the first time the singer-songwriter has come out, with G Flip previously coming out as a lesbian. 'Growing up there really wasn't any lesbian representation,' the Melbourne-based artist told The New Daily earlier this year. 'I think that definitely prolonged me coming out. I feel like if I had role models to look up to, or if I heard female pronouns in songs, it would've just normalised it.'

Yet another young GNC lesbian disavowing womanhood. It just astounds me that one minute they're clear that they're women, and then the next, it's like "nope, I've been a non-woman all along."

She wasn’t born the last time I bothered listening to pop music, and I don’t think I’m missing anything.

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Soon everyone will identify as NB and it'll start to lose the cool factor.

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The problem is we can’t wait till that time comes , Non binary population is increasing like fire and with that they are altering the use of language in the name of being inclusive . Till the point non binary becomes common we would have lost female specific language

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I don't disagree with your statement, and I agree and have always stated the same; but, we can only do so much until these people literally start eating their own and make this ridiculous movement lame. The joke around here is that if 40 and 50 year old soccer moms start calling themselves NB to annoy their kids, the younger people will flip their shit because it's not cool anymore.

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So because you have what used to be called a personality and interests and hobbies, you have to think you don't fit in a gender box and switch. Such progressive 🙄

Tbh, I thought Alex the Astronaut (another lesbian singer, studies astrophysics) was going to do something too because she cut her hair. That's usually the first step

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Tbh, I thought Alex the Astronaut (another lesbian singer, studies astrophysics) was going to do something too because she cut her hair.

Probably only a matter of time, unfortunately.

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Why? Cuz she wears overalls?

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Didn't know I was NB in high school. We always wore overalls on spirit days on Fridays 😏🙄

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She just looks like the most normal ass woman, lmao.

A "gender smoothie". Just like everyone else gurl.

What sexualities are nonbinary people? Like if she's not female anymore, she isn't a lesbian. What's an enby attracted to an enby?

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"Non-binary lesbians" are a thing. They say they're not women, they don't want to be women, and yet they still embrace the lesbian label.

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How absolutely noncensical, but expected of the nonsense ideology, ugh