Just got a three day ban from Reddit!

Just got a three day ban from Reddit!


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What hormone fluctuations? They take a continuous dose of man-made estrogen, that’s it. Their body isnt naturally changing multiple hormone levels (progesterone, FSH, LSH, etc) for fertility like a woman.

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That's what I thought and why I found the whole concept even more puzzling, but then I learned that some do not take the same dose every day but a variable one throughout the month, so it does create some kind of hormone cycle. They take (synthetic of course) estrogen and some also progesterone. I don't know why some do the consistent dose and others do not and what would be the benefit of one over the other. But of course, there will also be some where it's purely psychosomatic.

Edit note: I forgot to add, injections (that are not daily) would also need to fluctuations, since you inject a bigger dose that is staying over time but it might not decrease at a linear rate.

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They are recommended to take a consistent dose every time. A few do mess around with dosage to try to simulate what they think a period is like. Mood swings due to the cycle is one of the least reported female symptoms (I think something like 10% of women?) but it is extremely commonly depicted in pop culture “har har she must be on the rag” so TIMs cling to it.

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I wouldn’t put it past them to double their doses or forget to take doses for a few days at a time which could lead to tummy upset. These guys aren’t exactly rocket scientists so could easily think “oh gee my lady brain made me forget to take my horse piss pills estrogen dose 3 days in a row - I’ll take them all at once now so that I can be a stunning and brave woman and grow my titties even bigger”.

NB: I’m cramping like hell right now and am crabby as a result.

Edited to scratch out “horse piss pills” as it’s inconsiderate to women who need to take HRT

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Do we seriously have to call a legitimate medication "horse piss pills" like actual women don't take it?

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Another main reason TIMs vary their hormone dosages is so to help them get boners & orgasm.