Just got a three day ban from Reddit!

Just got a three day ban from Reddit!


I'd recommend deleting your "Preddit" account. Not much point in staying on that cesspool.

It allows to spread material to peak other people. It's worth trying when I have the time and energy I think

I deleted all my reddit accounts and let them know exactly why when I did. The more people do that the more likely it may become important to them to manage this bs. though I'm not holding my breath, and I find it much nicer here, with much less immature/rude commenting happening as well. It's just nicer here! ...that said...I did that as a last resort once all my accounts had been blocked or banned from the women's subs...when there's nowhere you can share your views anymore the site just becomes useless. I'm glad there are still people out there saying this stuff on reddit that haven't been silenced yet. I have def considered just continuing to create new accounts and spread the word..but I just got tired of the bullshit.