Just got a three day ban from Reddit!

Just got a three day ban from Reddit!


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I wonder if part of why they are pretending is, because they don't actually know what a period is? Like they think cramps etc. are a period, when it's rather a side effect of having a period (but also taco bell...) that some experience.

They might have some effects from hormone fluctuation which are like ours, but the actual period is only the lining removing itself from the uterus and exiting the body with some blood through the vagina. None of which can happen to them.

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Remember of course they are men and being a cartoon. So they get to be even more mean to everyone around them for 5 days (I wish my periods were that short!) and be extra moody, but they can blame it on the "period." They also claim diarrhea, but because they use their pretend moodiness to binge on bonbons and watch Gilmore Girls, is a direct result of their diet, not their "period." (They also don't understand, not all of us have that, the rest of us are constipated! But that's not shocking enough to tell everyone, so it's ignored as a symptom to shout about.) I've even seen examples of weight gain pushed off as retraining water from periods, or any number of puffiness complaints or dark circles, all the magic period's fault. So... Basically, they use a pretend period as an excuse to act more like jerks, and make everyone around them more miserable with their complaints, all while they're getting a stiffy off telling everyone about their "cramps." (Barf.)

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Yeah I had honestly never heard of period diarrhea – I only ever get constipated. I thought they were making it up. I have only met one woman who said she gets it. Do many women get period diarrhea?