Just got a three day ban from Reddit!

Just got a three day ban from Reddit!


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Ha, I saw this live! And thought, "I wonder if she needs a code for Ovarit?"

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I had an argument with a TiM on Reddit about this. I was polite but to the point, and I was treated like I was an idiot. But this moron believed that mensuration and a period were two different things, and that biological women menstruate but TiMs had periods because they experienced period-like symptoms. What I learned was this person’s identity was entangled in the idea that being moody once a month was experiencing a period, thus, they’re obviously a woman.

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I mean...a lot of things are "period-like symptoms." I've felt moody and hungry, and had stomach aches that weren't caused by menstruation. It's like saying a headache is the same thing as brain tumor.

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So now not only are they separating gender from sex, they are separating periods from menstrustion 😭😭😭 PLEASEEEE FOR FUCK SAKE what the hell is this. So if I miss my menstruation, I still got a period? They are so damn delusional

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What I learned was this person’s identity was entangled in the idea that being moody once a month was experiencing a period, thus, they’re obviously a woman.

You learned the guy was sexist. This is why I don't argue with them anymore. It's a waste of energy. People who are sexist, homophobic, racist, whatever, don't live in reality. You have to be delusional to be this ignorant.

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I'd recommend deleting your "Preddit" account. Not much point in staying on that cesspool.

[–] Archie 12 points (+12|-0)

It allows to spread material to peak other people. It's worth trying when I have the time and energy I think

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I deleted all my reddit accounts and let them know exactly why when I did. The more people do that the more likely it may become important to them to manage this bs. though I'm not holding my breath, and I find it much nicer here, with much less immature/rude commenting happening as well. It's just nicer here! ...that said...I did that as a last resort once all my accounts had been blocked or banned from the women's subs...when there's nowhere you can share your views anymore the site just becomes useless. I'm glad there are still people out there saying this stuff on reddit that haven't been silenced yet. I have def considered just continuing to create new accounts and spread the word..but I just got tired of the bullshit.

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Remember, sex and gender aren't the same and literally no one says they are, but if you mention sex at all or imply it's in any way different from gender, you're being transphobic. Easy peasy! /s

[–] Shadoe 3 points (+3|-0) Edited

Any facts that hurt my feelings or bring negative attention to my identity/fetish can't be true.

Fun Fact: Facts are supposed to be boneriffic euphoric.

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Men want to wear our skin and organs as if our reality is something they're entitled to. It's so vile.

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Remember that TIM “comedian” who was talking about Buffalo Bill from the Silence of the Lambs and was like “I get it” wrt murdering women and making a suit out of their skin?

He’s a shining example of “when somebody shows you who they are; believe them”.

I infuriates me that we’re nothing but a cheap halloween costume for them.

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