Just got a three day ban from Reddit!

Just got a three day ban from Reddit!


Remember, sex and gender aren't the same and literally no one says they are, but if you mention sex at all or imply it's in any way different from gender, you're being transphobic. Easy peasy! /s

Men want to wear our skin and organs as if our reality is something they're entitled to. It's so vile.

Remember that TIM “comedian” who was talking about Buffalo Bill from the Silence of the Lambs and was like “I get it” wrt murdering women and making a suit out of their skin?

He’s a shining example of “when somebody shows you who they are; believe them”.

I infuriates me that we’re nothing but a cheap halloween costume for them.

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Any facts that hurt my feelings or bring negative attention to my identity/fetish can't be true.

Fun Fact: Facts are supposed to be boneriffic euphoric.

I’m honestly shocked I’ve not gotten another ban there yet. I’m banned on every other platform though, so I’m sure I’ll get there. 😂

I wonder how all these social media companies will try to justify this when it all blows up. I can’t wait. Getting banned for saying things that are factually true just never gets old (and doesn’t even surprise me anymore). Tbh, I look at it like a competition now. “What true thing can I get 30 day banned for this month?” It rarely takes long.

I plan to give my Nigel a gag gift calendar at the end of the year. Each month will have the screen shot from the ban I got that month. They’re all so absurd thus far.

I wonder if part of why they are pretending is, because they don't actually know what a period is? Like they think cramps etc. are a period, when it's rather a side effect of having a period (but also taco bell...) that some experience.

They might have some effects from hormone fluctuation which are like ours, but the actual period is only the lining removing itself from the uterus and exiting the body with some blood through the vagina. None of which can happen to them.

Nah they know. They just want to wear our skin and changing the meaning of period and menstruation is another way their doing it.

What hormone fluctuations? They take a continuous dose of man-made estrogen, that’s it. Their body isnt naturally changing multiple hormone levels (progesterone, FSH, LSH, etc) for fertility like a woman.

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That's what I thought and why I found the whole concept even more puzzling, but then I learned that some do not take the same dose every day but a variable one throughout the month, so it does create some kind of hormone cycle. They take (synthetic of course) estrogen and some also progesterone. I don't know why some do the consistent dose and others do not and what would be the benefit of one over the other. But of course, there will also be some where it's purely psychosomatic.

Edit note: I forgot to add, injections (that are not daily) would also need to fluctuations, since you inject a bigger dose that is staying over time but it might not decrease at a linear rate.

They are recommended to take a consistent dose every time. A few do mess around with dosage to try to simulate what they think a period is like. Mood swings due to the cycle is one of the least reported female symptoms (I think something like 10% of women?) but it is extremely commonly depicted in pop culture “har har she must be on the rag” so TIMs cling to it.

I wouldn’t put it past them to double their doses or forget to take doses for a few days at a time which could lead to tummy upset. These guys aren’t exactly rocket scientists so could easily think “oh gee my lady brain made me forget to take my horse piss pills estrogen dose 3 days in a row - I’ll take them all at once now so that I can be a stunning and brave woman and grow my titties even bigger”.

NB: I’m cramping like hell right now and am crabby as a result.

Edited to scratch out “horse piss pills” as it’s inconsiderate to women who need to take HRT

Another main reason TIMs vary their hormone dosages is so to help them get boners & orgasm.

I would ask them to then explain the concept of a missed period. What is the essential thing missing from a missed period?

That is hilarious. Would love to hear/see an answer.

I cannot wait to use this the next time I'm told bubble guts are the equivalent of menstruation.

If you try it, please share. I would like to know what mental gymnastics would be employed to dismiss the truth.

Remember of course they are men and being a cartoon. So they get to be even more mean to everyone around them for 5 days (I wish my periods were that short!) and be extra moody, but they can blame it on the "period." They also claim diarrhea, but because they use their pretend moodiness to binge on bonbons and watch Gilmore Girls, is a direct result of their diet, not their "period." (They also don't understand, not all of us have that, the rest of us are constipated! But that's not shocking enough to tell everyone, so it's ignored as a symptom to shout about.) I've even seen examples of weight gain pushed off as retraining water from periods, or any number of puffiness complaints or dark circles, all the magic period's fault. So... Basically, they use a pretend period as an excuse to act more like jerks, and make everyone around them more miserable with their complaints, all while they're getting a stiffy off telling everyone about their "cramps." (Barf.)

Yeah I had honestly never heard of period diarrhea – I only ever get constipated. I thought they were making it up. I have only met one woman who said she gets it. Do many women get period diarrhea?

but also taco bell

Blasphemy. How darest thou speak ill of Taco Bell. This is hate speech. Burn the witch!

they literally just regurgitate pop culture. "omg i'm so BITCHY and need CHOCOLATE". like all other obvious aping of media largely written by men anyway, it's obvious and gross.

I had an argument with a TiM on Reddit about this. I was polite but to the point, and I was treated like I was an idiot. But this moron believed that mensuration and a period were two different things, and that biological women menstruate but TiMs had periods because they experienced period-like symptoms. What I learned was this person’s identity was entangled in the idea that being moody once a month was experiencing a period, thus, they’re obviously a woman.

What I learned was this person’s identity was entangled in the idea that being moody once a month was experiencing a period, thus, they’re obviously a woman.

You learned the guy was sexist. This is why I don't argue with them anymore. It's a waste of energy. People who are sexist, homophobic, racist, whatever, don't live in reality. You have to be delusional to be this ignorant.

So now not only are they separating gender from sex, they are separating periods from menstrustion 😭😭😭 PLEASEEEE FOR FUCK SAKE what the hell is this. So if I miss my menstruation, I still got a period? They are so damn delusional

I mean...a lot of things are "period-like symptoms." I've felt moody and hungry, and had stomach aches that weren't caused by menstruation. It's like saying a headache is the same thing as brain tumor.

Getting banned from Reddit and Twitter is a point of pride and a badge of honour these days as far as I’m concerned!

It's so insulting that you got a three day ban for that. Not to mention that absolutely nothing happened to whomever is spouting nonsense out there.

I'd recommend deleting your "Preddit" account. Not much point in staying on that cesspool.

It allows to spread material to peak other people. It's worth trying when I have the time and energy I think

I deleted all my reddit accounts and let them know exactly why when I did. The more people do that the more likely it may become important to them to manage this bs. though I'm not holding my breath, and I find it much nicer here, with much less immature/rude commenting happening as well. It's just nicer here! ...that said...I did that as a last resort once all my accounts had been blocked or banned from the women's subs...when there's nowhere you can share your views anymore the site just becomes useless. I'm glad there are still people out there saying this stuff on reddit that haven't been silenced yet. I have def considered just continuing to create new accounts and spread the word..but I just got tired of the bullshit.

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