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That’s the real stunning and brave stuff right there.

So funny, I almost wrote this exact comment and then changed my mind

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Hi, this is the creator of “terfsbeware”. This will be my final post. Initially I did not plan on a reveal but after seeing many people horrified with the individual account I think I need to state the purpose of this account. I am not associated with any group or ideology just for reference. This account was my own doing and I operate based upon my own moral code.

u/terfsbeware is a fictitious trans “woman” that I created after witnessing the degeneracy of trans (particularly MtF) communities. The point of this account was not to simply shock people with the post history of one individual but to show how even the most deviant and threatening individual will be accepted into the MtF community. It was to illustrate how a trans oppression card can be utilized to dismiss concerns related to a violent and sexually deviant straight white male.

From the start I purposefully made terfsbeware as awful as possible. Every comment was intended to reflect the perspective of a disillusioned straight white male commonly seen in incel, MRA, and MtF communities. My account outright admitted to violent crimes such as physically assaulting women and making terroristic threats. There were a number of questionable stories with small female children. My post history is that of a menace to society yet not once was I permanently banned or disavowed from any trans community. Most of my comments have been met with upvotes or agreement by legitimate trans “women”. What if I told you that I took some of my most upvoted comments and general sentiments came from incels?

Most of the account’s activity took place in legitimate trans communities and yet the account boasts a profile karma of 8.1k+. This shows that not only do these subreddits tolerate violent, misogynistic, pedophilic, and racist sentiments but that legitimate trans people exist that agree with them.

I am aware that people could accuse me of having a number of accounts to upvote myself. This argument falls apart when you consider that I have 8.1k+ karma and a number of posts that have 1k+ upvotes, it would take thousands of accounts to upvote all of my post history myself. A lot of people give me too much credit for the amount of effort into this account. At one point I forgot about and/or lost interest for >3 months. Luckily there are a number of crimes that have sentences of 3 months, so all I had to do was to claim I was in jail. I did not sit around and wait for 3 months as some suggest.

Later of course I made this ridiculous post which was upvoted to hell and swarmed in comments sympathizing with my “struggle” in a male prison despite my account being covered in post history detailing rape fantasies, violent tendencies, sexual assault, misogyny, and pedophilia. No need for critical thinking here... how dare any transphobic TERF cunt suggest that a woman would be at risk locked in a cell with terfsbeware, an oppressed and harmless trans woman!

My post history as of today (July 25, 2021) is archived (FIXED as of 6/26) so that the trans subreddit moderators can’t try to do damage control by simply deleting my comments and posts within their subs. Reddit admins (Aimee Challenor 2.0) may also try but there also exists a number of screencaps and previous web page archives if you google “terfsbeware” or “u/terfsbeware”.

Lastly I will say sorry to anyone who was genuinely concerned that this account might be real. But don’t be relieved that this account is a fake as there are a number of legitimate trans “women” that are as bad if not worse than terfsbeware (see: Kristofer Johansson, 4chan “Pink Pill” Discord groomers). Many of these men are a danger to society but are utilizing the trans card to manipulate others into overlooking their predatory behavior.

The problem is not simply political as there are rightwing MtFs as well as leftwing ones--both are harmful. Even on a very left-leaning platform like Reddit, the general sentiments of misogyny, racism, and pedophilia are still present within trans communities. That’s not any surprise seeing as Reddit doesn't give a shit except for transphobia. For evidence of that allowance, see the Reddit banwave of women’s subreddits, r/jailbait, and the existence of manosphere communities on Reddit to this very day (MRA, MGTOW, Red Pill). A number of violent, sexist, and racist porn subreddits are still thriving. But the slightest bit of transphobia cannot be tolerated, see: the banwave targeting trans critical communities and Reddit’s defense of a trans pedophile-supporter Ashton “Aimee” Challenor. More recently, see how my account wasn’t banned but Reddit users are banned every day for simply being critical of transgender ideology.

So again, I ask you, why was I not perma-banned from any communities despite being an obvious pedophilic, racist, misogynistic criminal? Why are a number of supposedly systematically oppressed people not empathizing with actually marginalized groups and upvoting misogynistic, racist, and pedophilic takes instead of shutting them down or at the very least downvoting the comments?

Edit as of 6/26/2021: Fixed the archive link. My work here is finished, in the future please share this profile with anyone on the verge of peaking.

Fuuuuucking kneeeew iiiiit. What always blew me away with this account were not the posts themselves, but the responses to them.


I concur, but would add


I'm calling it, that's a woman. This writing and prose is very detailed, looks like it's from someone who's experienced with the trans debate by providing sources and examples for everything, and has a huge focus on women's rights and the problem of misogyny.

You're a legend, queen.

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You know, at first I assumed it had to be a guy due to the sheer level of degenerate perversion. That's totally a guy thing.

But then I remembered the part where terfsbeware mentioned straight-up reusing TIM fantasies and incel talking points. I don't know much about sexing writing based upon prose structure so I'll trust your judgment about this user writing like a woman.

It's too late for me to change the title, though. :/

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There’s website where a bot analyzes language to see if the writer is a man or a woman (not 100% accurate obvs). It says that the writer is a male. http://www.hackerfactor.com/GenderGuesser.php#Analyze

[–] chemical 1 points Edited

I ran several of my comments through it and they all clocked as male. I'm not going to put much stock in that analyzer lmao, I agree it's likely a woman.

It has to be a woman. No man would care about women’s safety and proving this point enough to do all that.

The account was too "perfect" so I thought that maybe it was a troll.. but I've heard all of the sentiments they said come from trans subreddits (just not all in one account so consistently) and saw /u/terfsbeware mostly getting positive reactions from the community.

As silky said, the replies to the user and support were the scariest part.

This has got to be the best trolling moment in a while lmao it was so well done. I bet a woman was behind this, if you use ovarit, hello queen!!

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