The second operation was to implant an ovary onto [his] abdominal musculature, ...

What did they think jamming an ovary into a man's abdominal muscles would achieve?

Also, whose ovary was it?

This is the person who the film 'The Danish Girl' was written about...and those issues about Trans Women wanting uterine transplants is why I call it 'The Danish Girl' issue. Trans women find Lili to be an inspiration and want to have a uterine transplant because they saw that recently an actual woman just had a baby with a donor uterus...but they don't understand that Lili died from the transplant. Uteruses are for actual women only.

Lili could have died from pretty much any transplant at that time, so that’s a weak argument.

Not saying it would work now by any means, just that back then any surgery like that would have gone sideways regardless.

The uterine transplant is what killed him in the end though…so I don’t know what you’re calling a weak argument??? It was literally proven and a non disputed fact…

Wow, chronologically older than Christine Jorgensen. I have to wonder how ethical it was to try a uterus implant on someone pushing 50, or the ovary implants earlier. Seems like the uterus one was what killed him. Wanted to have a child for his new husband. Apparently doctor Hirschfeld who established that clinic, kept records and the national socialists used those to imprison homosexuals.

Wow I had no idea Lili was so old when they tried thar implant. Crazy.

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In 1930, Elbe went to Germany for sex reassignment surgery, which was is highly experimental at the time.

I watched the movie about Elbe (The Danish Girl) prior to peaking or knowing anything about trans issues/people, and my take aways from the movie were that this person was turned on at the idea of being a woman, thought of himself as a better woman than his wife, and was self-centered and narcissistic. I couldn't feel too bad for him, except that he was delusional and no doctor should have experimented on him. Men cannot become women, and I feel that the surgeons who killed him knew that but didn't care because they wanted money and clout. I felt very bad for his wife and sympathized with her greatly.

A year later, I peaked and learned this is all par for the course with trans identified males and the state of this whole "movement". It's telling that trans ideologists don't like this movie.

Elbe was living during a time when monkey gland treatments and other xenotransplantation to prevent ageing was all the rage.


The uterus transplant seems very in keeping with the zeitgeist of the times. The monkey glands didn’t work either.