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In 1930, Elbe went to Germany for sex reassignment surgery, which was is highly experimental at the time.

I watched the movie about Elbe (The Danish Girl) prior to peaking or knowing anything about trans issues/people, and my take aways from the movie were that this person was turned on at the idea of being a woman, thought of himself as a better woman than his wife, and was self-centered and narcissistic. I couldn't feel too bad for him, except that he was delusional and no doctor should have experimented on him. Men cannot become women, and I feel that the surgeons who killed him knew that but didn't care because they wanted money and clout. I felt very bad for his wife and sympathized with her greatly.

A year later, I peaked and learned this is all par for the course with trans identified males and the state of this whole "movement". It's telling that trans ideologists don't like this movie.