Skewing crime statistics. Sexually assaulting little boys is not typically female criminal behavior. Also this pervert will now be housed with females in our prisons. God save Canada.

Has anybody noticed that there is a place to report errors after reading the article? Perhaps we should all report that Ruby is actually a man.

reported. Sadly, Canada is knee deep in gender cult Bullshit. No thanks to Ogre and J.T

The one really to blame here is that little shit Trudeau and his fake feminist agenda putting Canadian girls' and women's rights into the incinerator for woke points.

I'm glad you reported the error. I know it won't change the laws, but I think it is good for as many people as possible to report that nobody is being fooled as to the sex of the perpetrator.

I like this suggestion!

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I'm not a Canadian, so I just reported that the offender is clearly a male.

I encourage others to do the same. I don't think the Mounties are going to show up at my doorstep anytime soon.

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Are they honestly going to make that little boy say a woman molested him? He needs to know he can trust his perceptions about this trauma and share his true feelings. Utterly ghastly.

Are they honestly going to make that little boy say a woman molested him? He needs to know he can trust his perceptions about this trauma and share his true feelings. Utterly ghastly.

His rapist will probably sue him for misgendering and win. I can see it now: "BOO HOO! That mean little boy screamed 'Get this man off me' while I raped him! It made me feel so invalid and unsafe!!" 😥

For real, this is one of the scariest consequences of self ID. Forcing rape victims to pretend women raped them lest they be held in contempt or accused of perjury for telling the truth about what happened to them. Its especially bad for victims who don't have the capacity to understand this gender bullshit (like children, the elderly, ESL immigrants, people with intellectual delays, etc)

It wouldn't surprise me. I mean seriously. If the boy keeps insisting on it, or the parents, because they are angry.

That’s what I said when I reported the “error” in the article. Truly horrific

It's so surreal that this man's claim of "being a woman" is even worthy of recognition, especially in an article about such a horrifying crime.

I wonder if: (1) CTV News went woke, adopted self ID policy for all published media, (2) secret GC reporter/editor included photo knowing it'll peak readers.

I thought that too

But also the police need information, as they believe there are other victims

horrifically, the language comes straight form the Toronto Police Service News Release. If you google the perpetrator's name, you will see how other news outlets are treating it. Some avoid pronouns/labels altogether and just say the name and show the picture. I guess that's the best they're willing to do :(

What the hell! It only says “she” once on that page, and no mention of him being a “woman.” It could very well have been a typo!!

The thread on r/Toronto (at least earlier today) was quite a read. A bunch of ??? comments from confused people and a few trying to convince others that waking up and declaring yourself a woman is a legit thing and totally not insane. It would be funny if it wasn't attached to a horrible news post. I bet most of the thread has been nuked.

It is a graveyard of deleted and blocked posts. Some asking sane questions are told to just live and let live and that this person does not represent the whole community.

They really don't care about sexual assault of boys and men when the perpetrator is male. If this was an actual woman, the misogyny would be off the charts.

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No, of course they don't care about boys and men being assaulted. They like that it keeps happening so they can leap in with their "not all men" and "men get assaulted too!" when they want to derail a woman from speaking about her assault.

So many men engage in this behavior you'd think the entire male species shares a singular fragile ego.

That's also the reason why it's convenient for them that the news report these crimes as committed by women. Then they can point and say 'see? See? Women are rapists too!' and they completely ignore the fact that it's not a woman at all, but most people only read headlines, so it doesn't matter.

Live and let live when we are talking about a sexual predator targeting kindergartners? Really? What kind of society do we even live in? I just can't believe any sane person could look at a kiddie diddler and think, yeah, we should live and let live.

Apparently it's open season on children (and woman) if you claim you were "born in the wrong body."

Oh, wow, what a wild ride of comments. Quite a few are clearly being peaked by this, but others are holding the gender line as hard as they can. And then all the deleted/removed comments, that aren't even included on Removeddit, hmmmm...

Here's my favorite exchange:

Commenter 1: This looks like it can be one of those cases that TERFs use as their arguments, except in this case, the person actually is a criminal and a pedophile

Commenter 2: Yea, I’m watching the ContraPoints video on Jk Rowling right now… and saw this title, the mugshot and I immediately thought ‘oh god, the TERFs are going to be insufferable because of this asswipe.’ This person is an accused criminal, let’s be very clear about that. But one person does not make a population. If that were true, then /r/Flordiaman would be the first mirror I hold up. Treat this person as an individual accused of a crime. Do not drag an entire population into this.

Commenter 3: Exactly. Not to mention, she didn't "become a woman" to molest a girl in a female bathroom... It was a boy in the park (still completely awful, by the way, but different to the narrative TERFs push)

Commenter 2: Aye, TERFs aren’t known for thinking things through, though, lol.

Wow, they really don't get it. We aren't "dragging an entire population into this," it was the genderists that did that. The problem here is with the law and the policies. If there weren't ridiculous laws that allowed fantasy identities to be consider legal identities, then we wouldn't have this issue. And it doesn't matter that this child is a boy instead of a girl and that it didn't happen inside of a restroom, it's still heinous and it's even more heinous to think that someone may be forcing that poor young boy to call his abuser a "woman." Gaslighting abuse victims - how progressive and woke. This is what "the terfs" have been talking about this entire time. But yeah, sure, we're the ones who "don't think things through." Off-the-charts projection.

Lol there have been SO MANY of these cases that “never happen” and every time there’s collective groaning of “oh no, the TERFS have been proved right again!” Yes we bloody well have , and we will keep pointing out the absurdity of calling male predators “women” every time it occurs.

I tried to use removeddit on that thread from TwoX yesterday, and it was completely blank. I think the mods have figured out how to get around it somehow.

I'm so sick of reddit.

Removeddit also doesn't really work on mobile, I never see any comments there when on mobile :/

Thanks for sharing. These people are out of their minds and so besotted with their new religion, it seems like they could be talked into jumping off buildings if someone told them they could "identify as birds."

👁👄👁 🤔 🗣🔊📡 💁‍♂️💁‍♀️➪🐦🦆🦅🦇🦉 😎🤠👌👍💯🚫✈️🛩

Dare we?

IMO: The kid isn't stupid. He may be forced to refer to this shit head as a woman, but he knows that it's a man. I knew the difference between sexes at 5 years old. Every kid does. This is going to cause him to be instantly distrustful of all men who claim they are women. He will assume Tim's are dangerous and predatory, and he will be correct. He will know that a woman did not do this. He knows better, trust me. It's the adults that have to be convinced that this is a man, which is a fucking kookoo bananas thing to have to say. This kid has peaked.

Where there's smoke, there's fire, and TIMs are holding the matches and the gas can. They're doing this themselves. They're actually proving our points that their "movement" is nothing more than a cover for pedophilia and misogyny.

I wonder what the ratio is of transwomen committing crimes, specifically pedophilia, to those being recognized for volunteer service to the community. Because you know, women are always selflessly giving.

Reported with following text:

This person is obviously a man. Best case, a "self identified male woman". The wrong use of the word woman in this context skews crime statistics.

You know what they’re going to do after all these reports? I bet instead of fixing the article to reflect the truth, they’ll just remove his picture…

They deliberately put the picture up.

They legally have to call him a woman, thanks to Canadian laws. Their lawyers would have told them they had to.

I think the pic is there, nice and big, for a reason

OK, so people want to report to the news agency, but they aren't the ones actually keeping statistics.

Does anyone know who in Canada keeps crime statistics, because THAT'S who to write to. In the south we have a crime bureau, but I don't know what Canada has, other than that YouTuber who's a criminologist, so I know they exist.

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