Yeah but fuck him. He was a serious psychopath who knew what he was doing every step of the way. I've seen an article of him detailing exactly what he did and how he knew what the response and consequences would be. He was always attuned to the repurcussions of his decision, in fact he relished them.

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I watched a interview with him.on Benjamin's Boyce's channel, there needs to be a way out provided for people coming to their senses on what a mistake this stuff was, we shouldn't take aim at the former advocates but extend a hand because we need their help as well.

I agree, and his interview was fascinating. Definitely one of the most honest and frank ones I've ever seen. He gives a lot of info that you don't usually see about detrans AGPs.

He admits he was a very typical male asshole the whole time. Make what you will of it, but I think it's important for our own information how these guys operate to the last detail.

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