[–] Yemaya 58 points (+58|-0)

Everyone should ignore their annoying attention seeking asses lol

[–] worried19 [OP] 54 points (+54|-0) Edited

"It's erasure. It's exclusionary. And it continues to uphold a binary that is ultimately really dangerous," Dillon says.

"Dangerous." Let that sink in for a minute. I want to be sympathetic and understanding to women who try to flee womanhood due to abuse and internalized misogyny. But it's hard when some of them spew utter bullshit like this.

[–] meowmeowredmug 29 points (+29|-0)

WTF is dangerous about it? Awards shows aren't threatening their lives. If they want to say it's invalidating, fine. If they think it's rude, sure. But DANGEROUS?

[–] bellatrixbells 15 points (+15|-0)

Yeah, because it perpetuates the myth that sex is binary, that intersex people are not some magical third sex and that when you're born a woman you can't change that.

That's reeeeeeaaaaally dangerous cause... Well, then it allows people to refuse them entry into spaces that were created for the opposite sex. Can you imagine ?!?!?! Plus a doctor could treat them according to their actual physiology, and that's really upsetting !!!

[–] [Deleted] 3 points (+3|-0)

anything that makes non-binaries feel mildly inconvenienced or challenges their not like the other girls identity in any way is the equivalent of encouraging suicide to them.

[–] questioningtw 1 points (+1|-0)

Because, being called an actress is so triggering! This isn;'t at all insulting to people that have actually gone through real trauma, oh no! It is perfectly normal to get angry at being called an actress when you are a literal actress.

[–] Hollyhock 31 points (+31|-0) Edited

*Preserving award categories for women ensures a bit of gender parity, they argue, in entertainment industries that have long been dominated by men.

After all, having separate acting categories guarantees that women will win. If those categories become gender-neutral, who knows?

"I'm still not convinced that we won't be inundated with men. But I could be wrong," says Melissa Silverstein, founder and publisher of Women and Hollywood, which advocates for gender diversity in the film industry. * "I don't think it's patronizing to have a category that reflects women's contribution to the industry," she says. "I don't think we're at a point yet where we can just throw that out."**

I'm SHOCKED NPR (who I have loved and contributed to my entire adult life, but has drank the Gender Koolaid the last few years) allowed the above to be added.

Yes...we DO have categories FOR women because before, men just make it all about them. All the time. Kids not only need biology 101 and grammar lessons, but some women's history.

[–] questioningtw 1 points (+1|-0)

If they do away with the woman's catagory men would be the ones largely winning. I can't imagine being so selfish to take something away from women, all because you don;t want to be seen as a woman. if she hates the fact that there are gendered catagories, she should quit acting.

[–] hmimperialtortie 16 points (+16|-0) Edited

I know actors can be egomaniacs, but how many of these enby tossers, so wrapped up in their fixations, even be good enough to be nominated for anything?

I’m reminded of a page in the MONTYPYTHONSCRAPBOOK that went with the Life of Brian scripts. It was the Granny awards. They were all backstage shots from the filming. One was Gilliam in his False Prophet makeup, having a drink. The caption was “Best Muddy Actress - Sandy Ego Freeway as Bubbles in The Coca Cola Story”.

They really were ahead of their time ...

[–] [Deleted] 12 points (+12|-0)

A lot of them can't even act, like they get the roles because of wokeness. And the roles end up being about their gender identity nonsense instead of the show or the plot!

That’s exactly what I suspected would be the case!

Mercifully I’ll never see any of these clowns, since I don’t watch any current films or television. The one trans character I have seen was in an episode of Lewis - and was ridiculous, being an adult HSTS played by a woman.

[–] [Deleted] 7 points (+7|-0) Edited

I've seen too many unfortunately, I usually check cast lists now, also because there's a lot of men I don't want to watch or support as they're scum. And I also check on other things because I don't want to watch violence against women, assault or shit that can't pass the basic ass Bechdel test. It's rough out there.

[–] bellatrixbells 6 points (+6|-0)

Emma Corrin can. Sadly she's now realized that she's too special to be just a boring woman.

[–] immersang 3 points (+3|-0)

I admit I haven’t seen her in anything else yet, but in The Crown I found her pretty overrated. Won’t miss her when the next actress takes over.

[–] bellatrixbells 2 points (+2|-0)

She didn't exactly blow me away either but I found she definitely had the right kind of charm and vulnerability. Less charisma though.

[–] starsstorm 2 points (+2|-0)

I didn’t care for her in the crown either. She was awkward as all.

[–] meowmeowredmug 15 points (+15|-0) Edited

"Gender expansive performers"

Love how the word choice makes it seem like they're just more enlightened than us. /s

[–] crispycherrypie 14 points (+14|-0)

These morons are in for a rude awakening if Hollywood does away with "gendered" awards and suddenly the only people winning are men.

Yeah, remember when they used to complain there were no good parts for middle-aged women?

Now it's "not enough parts of GenderSpEsHuLs"????

Luckily nobody watches the Narcissist Woke Awards anyway, but it is an insult to those who won awards in the past.

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