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“thrown to the ground by right-wing anti-pedophile protesters.”

She phrases it as if "anti-pedophile" were a bad thing. If there's one thing we should all agree is being anti-pedo.

Here's her tweet.

Another tweet: "anti-trans/anti-pedophile" says a lot.

Another tweet using "anti-pedophile"

To make it very clear, just in case, I am NOT condoning the attacks against a journalist. I just want to point out that it's becoming more and more on the face that TRAs tolerate pedos, otherwise she wouldn't have phrased it in a way that makes it sound like being anti-pedo is the same being a right wing extremist bigot.

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If things keep going the way they have been, it won't be long before "the left" starts to openly defend pedophilia as an orientation. They've been teetering on the edge for awhile now. Kids at pride interacting with bdsm fetishists, the monkey dildo thing, teaching young kids about masturbation and porn at school, etc...

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I've heard that twitter already flags 'pedophile' as hate speech and I think facebook is doing something similar along with making it really difficult to report sex offenders. Basically it seems like techbro giants are trying to turn the big social media sites into even more of a haven for child rapists than they already are.

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Sex Ed includes masturbation as something normal, because it is. It needs to cover that porn is dehumanizing and shows mostly abuse. Normal healthy human sexuality is a good part of health class because it's part of health. It has to be taught in middle school because that's when girls (at least in my school) system getting pregnant and when porn becomes more interesting and watched by young people.

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By "young kids" I mean, like, first grade. Like what happened at that New York prep school with Justine Ang Fonte.

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Wow, none of the comments on that are addressing the actual pedophilia that occurred: that two men on two separate occasions showed their genitals to a six year old girl and then in the second case to a nine year old girl. Not even addressing it at all. I understand wanting to comfort and make sure the journalist is okay, but is no one really concerned that six and nine year old girls were forced to be in the presence of fully nude male genitalia, attached to men who clearly, based on their attitudes (as reported by women present) and comportment, wanted the little girls to see their genitals? Wow, they're all "it didn't happen" or "they're just trying to say trans=pedophile" but wait until it's their child, or niece or nephew, or a child of a friend. I don't want any more children to be harmed by these men but the way these people are acting (i.e. not lifting a finger to protect children from men at all) there will be more victims, that is inevitable. What Wi Spa has proven is that men can sexually abuse children in public and with an audience and get away with it scot-free, and not only that but anyone who objects to his actions will be equated to a domestic terrorist/conspiracy theorist. This will bite them in the ass, but unfortunately it will do so by way of harming children they know and love.

I am archiving these pages to preserve evidence of people ignoring, and therefore de-facto supporting, pedophilia. They should not get to pretend in a few years that they were never okay with this and that they were on our (feminists, NOT terrorist proud boys whatever the fuck they are I'm not even from the US) side. When this trans shit loses it's support, which is right around the corners specially with how bold their are getting with being pro-child abuse, a bunch of people who supported it will try to pretend they didn't. I know some are truly ignorant, but people who brush aside the Wi Spa incident and essentially call those women, those mothers, liars, need to be held accountable, need to have their anti-woman and anti-child stances preserved.

So, archive links:




(It looks like the videos don't play in archive, but the post and the replies are really way more important anyway, because those are what demonstrate people ignoring the pedo problem.)

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Nobody go down there. I don't believe this is real for a second. Something is going on. Since when does Antifa thank the police?

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They ain't thanking them today. The reception to cops holding back protecting antifas last week fell flat. The local community wasn't having it. The police have been clubbing antifas accordingly today.

If I were a local leader I'd be writing a strongly worded email to the sheriff about cops just allowing antifas to destroy shit and attack innocent people. Last week they stood by and did nothing.

Now antifas kids are throwing tantrums on social media, because the cops won't let them disrupt the place twice.