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It just baffles me that so-called progressives can't see how regressive gender ideology is. I don't get how it's not getting through their brains.

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From the original article :

"Emily is a Trump-supporting, conservative Christian"

How surprising that a conservative Christian would believe that a girl who likes "boy things" is really a boy in the wrong body. 🙄

"“Max’s existence destroys every single argument you could make about trans kids. There’s nothing sexual, nothing perverse or corrupt about his existence. He’s just a kid. The idea that he’s somehow doing this for attention, or political cause, or perversion, it’s all just so laughable,” Tuck said."

How does Max's existence destroy every single argument about "trans kids". Does this "activist" not know that there are plenty of arguments relating to the regressive sex stereotypes being used to trans kids ? Or that there are plenty of arguments relating to the fact that kids are kids, and they don't have much of an understanding of what you're making them do.

And I don't think anyone believes that a seven years old is transing herself for attention or political clout. What we believe is that people like you, "Cris Candice", are pushing transition onto her to validate your own imagined identity and your political power.

Jesus Christ.

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It is scary that a literal conservative magazine is finding itmboys to transition. disturbing how TRAs are trying to encourage to transition.

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The transgender movement is far more sexist than the most retrograde, fundamentalist Christians I’ve ever known — at least the latter still let their daughters enjoy basketball and PE.

It's crazy that GNC little girls are safer with literal fundamentalists than people who purport to be liberal and feminist. My family's evangelical church may have had some problematic social views, but at least no one there was claiming I shouldn't be female and guiding me towards hormones and surgeries.