She's a stripper in a high end "gentleman's" club, which means there are bouncers to protect her. She never gets threatened, raped, groped, or attacked while at work.

100% she's from a privileged background.

Yet she thinks she gets to speak for all of the poor, immigrant, sex trafficked, abused, pimped, raped, beaten, and kidnapped women and girls who don't get a choice to "...work once and choose to never come back if you prefer. The amount of money a dancer can make in one night means a girl only needs to work about one or two times a week to see a lucrative outcome."

What an absolute disgrace to women.

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Respect Sex Workers! Nah, I respect women like my friend that is a nurse. She has a hard job, but she helps people! Why the hell should anyone respect someone that makes a lot of money by telling men it is ok to cheat, that it is ok to treat women like objects.

Note: I am only talking about priviliged sex workers like in Cracked. Not trafficking victims.