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If anyone needs the background: http://alicedreger.com/in_fear

Ms. James was one of many transgender women who were deeply offended by Michael Bailey’s 2003 book, The Man Who Would Be Queen. But Ms. James was notable for the way she decided to go after Bailey’s children to extract revenge. She posted on the internet photographs of Bailey’s daughter and labeled her a “cock-starved exhibitionist.” James also claimed in her online publications that there “are two types of children in the Bailey household,” namely “those who have been sodomized by their father [and] those who have not.”

[–] OneStarWolf 25 points (+25|-0) Edited

Wow. How very male and very aggressive he is. He even uses sex references in his insults of children. He’s disgusting and I hope he gets into criminal trouble for his actions soon.

[–] starsstorm 14 points (+14|-0)

Why isn’t he in prison if this is how he behaves? Like stalking and doxing in this manner is threatening and harassing

[–] PinkPanther 10 points (+10|-0)

Honestly!! Wtf, if anyone else had done this they'd be seeing the inside of a cell, or at least a courtroom. Jesus.


2006 and this could have been written yesterday.

These people are despicable.

[–] goatsauce 6 points (+6|-0)

Wow, that is definitely totally normal behavior and not male of him at all.

[–] Hyacinth 11 points (+11|-0) Edited

Disgusting dangerous person, report his kickstarter and send a complaint.

[–] platypus 6 points (+6|-0)

Hah, I remember him. Now that's a blast from the past. Looks like he's really lost his marbles, too. Guess he's getting desperate without the attention Calpernia Adams and Ann Lawrence used to bring in for him, and being transsexual doesn't make headlines by itself anymore.

How the mighty have fallen. Hope these people take appropriate legal action.

[–] Livin 2 points (+2|-0) Edited

Why the hell won't Twitter ban someone like Andrea James who is literally harassing people, and are using social media to engage in their harassment? But oh no, say that only females can get pregnant and you'll be permanently banned. Because that's considered actual violence. Like WTF.

I just got a week long suspension for "threats of violence" for telling a TRA to "die mad". The double standard pisses me off so much.

[–] Livin 2 points (+2|-0)

That so ridiculous!!! That is considered threats of violence. What about the actual threats of violence people are sending to JKR. How the hell does Twitter even define violence??

It's infuriating. I appealed, but haven't heard back yet. Problem is, if you get 3 suspensions you get banned, and I don't have anymore phone #'s I can use if I get another ban.