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Men and women have biological differences, and women have sex-based rights which reflect those differences', can put your entire career in jeopardy. We cannot, as a society, continue down this path and remain a free society

Never, never in my wildest dream would I ever have thought this could be considered hate speech.

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We wouldn’t want a nurse who can tell a penis from a vagina, would we.

Far better we pretend biological sex doesn’t matter and end up with transmen losing their babies because they didn’t let the nurse know they were actually a female and were confused with an obese male who stopped taking his blood pressure medications, according to the TRA’s who complained about this sign. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2019/05/16/pregnant-transgender-man-births-stillborn-baby-hospital-missed-labor-signs/3692201002/

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Canada is so right wing! REEEEEE.

Our nickname is Tranada because of trans rights. These whiners at AHS are insufferable.

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I hate that nickname, I can't wait until Canada goes back to respecting female human rights (like our fucking CHARTER says we do, apparently on paper only though), and we can shed it for good. Everyone will have human rights, not just males.

Wow, look at all those terfs. How much longer can reddit sustain locking every thread about this subject?

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It's refreshing to see reasonable takes in the r/canada thread. That r/AHS thread though.... "anyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi" used to be a joke.

"gender diverse" is mental illness. We need more mental health awareness and treatment. THAT is the elephant in the room.

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I loved seeing this billboard, personally, and I don't perform femininity to the standards and precepts that the patriarchal hegemony demands of my sex class, bu tI bet they won't count me saying I didn't feel threatened, ha. A woman's opinion is only worthwhile if the 'woman' is an scrotum-haver.

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In the US wouldn't this be protected by the first amendment? I wasn't able to read the whole article, because I read my 5 free articles. However, it seems like this took place in Canada. Does Canada offer the same type of legal protections?

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Yes and no. None of what she said was hate speech, obviously, I'm pretty sure even to the standard the government (and not TRAs) define it. But, what does it matter. A lot happening in Canada right now w/ regard to denying women basic rights like sex segregation are blatant violations of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I'm not trying to brag, but this is an internationally-applauded document, it even over-took the US's Bill of Rights as a document other countries try to emulate. Fact is, eventually all this men in women's prisons, women losing their jobs for not agreeing with a minority ideology (that is tantamount to religion), etc., etc., is going to end up in our country's Supreme Court. Something's gonna have to give. Either the Charter will have to change to completely remove sex as a protected class (and this might even require royal assent or involvement in some way, I'm not sure), or all these future Supreme Court cases will end in the favour of women, because frankly as it stands now, no matter how many bills the Liberals or whoever in charges passes, if it violates the Charter, then it technically has no legs to stand on. When the trans bill was passed, the government promised the Canadian people a report would shortly follow to let us know what effect, if any, the new regulations were having on society (i.e., what effect self-ID has). That was, what, four, five, six years ago (I lost count)? They are silent. I think they know they fucked up. They know they put a man who raped an infant girl to the point that she needed extensive reconstructive surgery in a woman's prison with a maternal ward. They know they have essentially facilitated the rapes of women, sabotaged the livelihoods of women, and totally violated our basic human rights. I firmly believe heads will roll for this (in the political sense). I think the men (and women) who made this happen will probably all try to pass blame on others, but ultimately some people will lose their jobs over this, eventually.

Right now though, Canada is literally on fire (like, our forests, coast to coast, which is unusual) and people can't swing a stick without finding a mass grave of children. Even though indigenous people have been telling these stories for years, it took people seeing the evidence to wake up and go, "Oh, yeah, that happened, it really happened." People have a short attention span, and a limited capacity, and as far as I can tell there is a MSM blackout in Canada on reporting that feminism exists, and that feminists have a problem with women being systematically dehumanized and eliminated as a legal entity (as a sex class). but I do not believe that will last at all. This whole trans thing is running on steam, and more and more 'normal' (that is to say, generally unaware of all this and not involved in TRA activism or feminist activism) people are waking up. I do believe a lot of women will have cases to bring against the various provincial and even the federal government in this country. Trudeau's legacy won't be as nice as he thinks it will be (too bad, I don't hate everything about him, though I hate his stolen indigenous art tattoo and his blackface shit and that time he elbowed a woman in parliament, and… oh, never mind. He's a douchecanoe after all, eh?).

Sohry for Canadian wall of text, there, buddy.

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Such a well written comment, and some optimism, thanks for that! the only thing about Trudeau that I still like is his party trick of falling down the stairs that you can find on YouTube.

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Yes, that's actually something he and I can relate on, I used to do the same thing as a little kid but I was just copying Homer Simpson and I had shag carpeted stairs (most of the time). Honestly fake falling down stairs isn't that hard even I could do it, lol. I think most people just never try it.

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Thank you for such a thorough explanation!! It was very informative.

It's amazing that Canada has the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but it's sad and it makes me so angry that it is not being implemented. All to satisfy the sick needs of perverted fetishist men. I've been reading that TRAs are trying to take over UN Women. It's called UN Women for a reason. Maybe they should create UN Transpeople, Non-binary, and Etc. Chapter instead of taking over UN Women. Next thing you know they are going to want to take over UNICEF and force their transgender bullshit on them and eventually work to normalize their grooming behaviors and pedophilia . (I'm skeptical of the UN, but nevertheless, it's still something that is meant to represent the international community).

I hope that Canada's Supreme Court holds them ALL responsible. Their current treatment of women is horrible. (The US is also a shit show). They need to be held accountable. Heads should roll and people should lose their jobs. All this trans crap is pure lunacy.

Like you said, I can't believe they even thought it was acceptable to put in that horrifying pedophile in a women's prison with a maternity ward. I mean put the trans aside, shouldn't the crime of the individual person mean something?? If they really wanted to be "mindful" of this TIM and while also respecting their female prisoners and protecting their babies, then maybe this TIM should be in a different wing, should be in seclusion if they can't be in a male prison, or create a fucking TIM wing (because I don't see TIFs being transferred).

I hope that a report will follow!! Is there a way for people to demand this report or does it need go through legislature? I had read somewhere that there were a couple of female researchers trying to do research about the number of TIMs transferring into female prisons, their crimes, and the effect it had on the female prisons in Canada, but these researchers were being blocked from getting data. And they were even told that no one is tracking. This type of research needs to happen and should definitely be in that report, if it were to ever happen. (TIMs are now just starting to transfer into female prisons in the US. I think TRAs will try to make it very difficult for research to be conducted here as well).

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Did you see my post about writing to UN Women in o/Activism? I intend to write to them and I intend to make it very specific to what is happening in Canada as a way to just a little bit make up for that missing report.

I have a feeling many women will be filing a lot of FOI requests (and their various equivalents in other countries), and that she ain't always free, not to mention the time it takes. Ugh, we never get to just rest and enjoy being human beings, do we? We always have to fight, fight, fight non-stop. What must it be like to be a person whose humanity is a given? I wonder…

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It’s interesting because I can’t help but wonder if she’d be investigated for antisemitism if she wore a shirt from a Mel Gibson film or if she’d be called a r*pe apologist if said that the Cosby Show was her favorite. Something tells me that they would feel differently about that.