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My argument?

Humans are not honeybees, clownfish, seahorses, or fungi. Humans are mammals.

Name the third gamete.

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I won’t pretend to have visited this whole wall of links, but I’ll tell you the pattern I’ve noticed: The people arguing for “sex is a spectrum” will carefully avoid defining what sex actually means — they will never ever mention gametes, for instance (or the reproductive systems organized to support those gametes) — instead they’ll bombard you with a bunch of other stuff, like intersex conditions, and the SRY gene, and sex determination in other non-human species, and OH MY GOSH it’s just so complicated, who can even say what “male” or “female” even mean?!

If you feel like even a single one of these links don’t fit that tiresome pattern, feel free to share the details and maybe it can spark an actual interesting discussion of this topic.

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The people arguing for “sex is a spectrum” will carefully avoid defining what sex actually means

RubbleOfEmpires on YouTube has a good one for this. Basically if sex is a spectrum what characteristics are you measuring? Force them to define spectrum instead, because a spectrum works with quantifiable numbers. So if you are going to place all humans of “all” sexes on a spectrum, you have to say some are “more” or “less” male or female so how do you quantify it? How far on the spectrum does one inch of penis length move someone, and in what direction? One bra cup size? Facial hair thickness? Femur length maybe? What quantifiable things are you measuring to place humans on this spectrum? Oh that’s super offensive to say someone with a small penis is less of a man? Or someone with small breasts is less of a woman? Yeah, totally is offensive af, that’s why I wouldn’t say that, you did. Haha

ETA: Should’ve cited the videos, sorry.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

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Intersex conditions make up 1% or even less of the human population!!! And Intersex people are also male or female, they are not somehow different genders outside of male and female.

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I just think that sex is largely a binary biological fact. Nearly all humans are either male or female, and a tiny minority are intersex or have other differences in sex development.

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For the 'sex is a spectrum' idea, Emma Hilton made a great counterargument here:


You're making definitive statements about the nature of sex, specifically that it's not "binary" because some people have chromosomal anomalies?

In which case, XO is asking you to defend that view regarding Turner syndrome. Nick is asking you to defend that view regarding Klinefelter syndrome. You are using such conditions to argue there is something different to "male" and "female".

I think what you actually intend to argue is that not all males and not all females are "typical", not that some people are not male or female?

You've set up a straw man that "binary" = "binary variable". In the context of sex, it simply describes a system composed of two parts (just like a binary star has two components, and binary code is predicated on two numbers).

When you conflate "binary" with "binary variable", where the "binary variable" is "typical male" and "typical female", you cast atypical females (like those with Turner syndrome) and atypical males (like those with Klinefelter syndrome) as "other".

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It's very simple. You don't need all this.

For a million years, humans have reproduced one way. A male impregnates a female by fertilizing her egg with his sperm. Thus, the norm for all humans is to be either male or female. Deviations from this are extremely rare and generally cannot reproduce, and therefore, merely reinforce the existence and the importance of this biological fact.

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Usually they are just arguing different and irrelevant things. Irrelevant to humans. Irrelevant to trans people. Irrelevant to bio sex, like "gender". What about chickens? What about fish? Why can't humans lay eggs like chickens or breathe under water like fish?

Sometimes they argue secondary sex characteristics makes sex a spectrum (it doesn't, tho there is a spectrum of characters within female and male).

Trans people ~feel~ like man or a woman or non-binary, etc. All the arguments about biology are totally irrelevant to trans people.

Transwomen try to look like women. Transmen try to look like men. They certainly see a binary. Chromosomes, intersex, fish, chickens. Nothing to do with trans people.

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When people want to have children, they know exactly what sex to look for.