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I’ve never actually been good at art

Can confirm, I saw the photo. What is this bullshit where TIMs with no discernible talent will be lavished with praise and attention just for being TIMs? It’s pathetic! If this is really “Portland’s favourite graffiti tag” I’m judging the whole of Portland.

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I was going to say something similar. It’s a shitty tag, whoop de doo. There’s so many talented street artists who make gorgeous murals, quirky art out of the urban landscape and cool stencils with a message. This is just crappy vandalism.

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Have you genuinely ever heard of any TIMs contributing to anything other than crime stats though? I cannot think of a single positive contribution that a Tim has made that isn't solely for their own benefit.

I miiiight allow The Matrix... But even then the female character story arcs are complete shit and there is some evidence they stole the whole story.

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I think Martine Rothblatt has genuinely made some very important contributions to the world - exact details escape me but I think they include helping to cure a rare disorder one of his kids had. Shame he's outweighed any good he ever did by using his power to advocate for ending single-sex spaces.

There was a stereotype, that seems to have some truth to it, that old school AGPs were often high achievers. The modern specimens who arrived at their fetish via internet porn addiction are different.

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The artist behind Penis Girl is hesitant to reveal too much about themself, graffiti being illegal and all, other than to approve of the trans-rights interpretation of their tag. “I fully embrace that, especially being nonbinary and gender nonconforming myself,” they said.

Not surprised this is taking place in Portland.

As a resident of Portland, I really hate seeing PenisGirl everywhere...