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This is utterly grim. I wonder if this will make middle-class people think a bit more about what women in prison go through, as it's easier to identify with?

Whoever suggested two male guards when a female guard is unattainable is an absolute idiot. Males grow more misogynistic when surrounded by each other because they bond over sexual assault (Google the homosociality theory). I'd honestly be more scared of sexual assault with 2 guards than one.

[–] Iceni 6 points (+6|-0)

Likely it was a man who knows what men do best - cover up and lie for other men.

[–] FeminineMistake 9 points (+9|-0)

In Canada, a woman was sexually assaulted in a quarantine hotel and the minister basically said “well she shouldn’t have travelled.”

First of all, rape is not the punishment for any legal violation. Second, it was and is not illegal to travel. They recommend against it, yes, but that has no binding force in law, and she complied with all the regulations around COVID-era travel - including checking into one of those hellish COVID hotels instead of just blowing it off and paying the fine, as many do.

And the comments were vile, basically full of “the selfish bitch deserved it.” (Lots of women saying that too.) Humanity is horrible. Imagine thinking it’s ok that someone was raped because she made a legal choice you disagree with.

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I’m glad they published a comment from one of the previous female quarantine guests regarding the suggestion that if no female guard was available, they would use two male guards instead. She said she would find this more intimidating, and actually increases the possible risk, which I can absolutely understand.

But when the BBC asked Mitie to comment, the company said it had found that the handwriting and telephone number on the note didn't match those of the guard Caroline had described - or any of the other guards on shift that day.

Are they not aware that it is possible for someone to have more than one number? Most phones hold at least two sim cards these days. It's not uncommon for creepy stalkers to have multiple sim cards just in case they get blocked.

Carter [head of safety, security and sustainability for Edwardian Hotels] insinuated that it was because I hadn't taken any steps to protect myself that the security guard continued to do what he did, as he didn't know it was wrong.

He didn't know it was wrong. What, he doesn't know women are human beings?

What a weird mindset. And I suppose the thinking that goes with it is behind all those stupid training videos and such that are supposed to teach men not to harass women. Or worse, and more likely, it's all just a smokescreen.

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Wait, wait, wait. Why are there guards at all? I don't understand? These are women who are in quarantine in a hotel? Why do people in quarantine need guards?

[–] takshak 4 points (+4|-0)

Well, as someone who worked security through college - yeah, there aren't a lot of female guards. It's a hyper-masculine profession and doesn't pay well enough to attract quality people. None of this is surprising.

So, guesses on how many TiMs will be hired as "female guards"?

[–] meranii 1 points (+1|-0) Edited

Hyper-masculine and low-quality, you say? TiMs will be flocking to it, but it's "girly" because their testosterone and muscles are negated by wearing makeup and heels. They will see having power over actual women as a massive bonus, too.

[–] takshak 0 points (+0|-0)

heh, security guards are not allowed to be "girly". No heels. No loose jewelry. No loose hair. No skirts to go spinny. They definitely won't be able to express their womanliness in that line of work.

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What. The. Hell.

There is seriously no situation anymore where men don't take every chance to sexually assault women, is there?

I don't think I'm naive, but even I wouldn't have thought that I should expect this to happen to me if I ever had to stay in a freaking hotel for quarantine.


But sure, tell us again how "females have life on easy mode".