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At least some of the comments are calling it out, user Nicola especially. Absolutely abhorrent word salad that says nothing of substance.

"Trans women are in women’s spaces already, but trans excluders pretend that we are not"

No, we know you predators are in there. Why do you think we're so pissed off?

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I recommend using archive links for stuff like this.


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Thank you!

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Is there any chance you can edit your post to include the archive link as the default? Linking directly to misogynistic content is against circle rules. I don't mean to be the circle police, but I simply hate giving those jerks clicks or linking to content that gets deleted the next day.

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Yeah, this exactly. Clicking on the original link just gives the misogynist(s) clicks and puts their site higher on search results.

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“Trans identified males”, or “TIMs”, is as much a slur as “tranny”, because it denies our very selves.

lol but we have to just accept being called “menstruators”, “uterus havers”, and “birthing bodies”. Sure.

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This is such an excellent point you've raised.

"Dehumanizing language for thee, but not for me!"

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Lol fuck that. If they stop using dehumanizing language and making everyone else use these words. Then I'll stop using TIM & TIF

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I shook my head throughout this whole thing. He literally said that tra is a slur.. what? I‘d love to read your thoughts on this. I thought it was alarming how he compared our analysis on this topic with ableism and racism. And the way he said that infertile women prove that womanhood also includes trans males... isn‘t that... ableism? Interesting how a lot of activists act in ways that makes them look intolerant of minorities.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes want to listen to tra‘s and allies, to see if they say things that I could potentially relate to/agree with. But it‘s always a disappointment or their arguments are heavily flawed.

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Everything is a slur when you contribute nothing productive to society. The more people start to peak, the more they will grasp at straws, issue further threats, and/or act on those threats. They will continue to police language and redefine words until they have the control they're demanding.

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Am I the only one who found this both seriously disturbing yet also unintentionally hilarious? Reading this astounding article would be, in itself, a very good argument as to why deluded TiMs like this man should NEVER be allowed anywhere near women’s spaces, where children and underaged young women may be present.

I think the fact that it teeters between both unintentionally laughable and clearly delusional is what makes it so disturbing, to me. And that ghastly “predator” face (that so many TiMs seem to have) in his photo just adds to the effect.

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JFC, I’ve read more coherent Twitter threads yet this guy thinks his mangled word salad warrants its own blog.

TLDR; typical TRA bullshit. “Waaah women disagreeing with me is literally a hate crime and the world must capitulate to my gross fetish. I’m swooooowow scared and oppressed.”

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JFC: “My womanhood comes from my being a trans woman”. How can they not see how circular and nonsensical their arguments are? It’s like they have the reasoning skills of a toddler.

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From the author's comment reply:

However, Ovarit was set up when the “Gender Critical” reddit was banned, for- how would you put it? At its best, promoting women’s rights by arguing that trans women are men. And a lot of what Ovarit does is arguing just that.

Yes, yes it was. Trans women are male. That's just a fact. There are even other trans people who acknowledge this fact.

Clare, even if you were welcomed into a female space out of politeness, it still doesn't change your sex. Your sex will never change. Do I personally get upset whenever I see a trans person sharing a public bathroom with me? Not really. Do I think they are actually a woman? No. Regardless of where they are and what spaces they inhabit, you will neve be the opposite sex. Changing sex is an impossible fiction.

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Even putting aside the content, the style of this... thing... is abhorrent. It feels like a bunch of sentences thrown together without much rhyme or reason, cut up and pieced together without any coherent thought. I could only get halfway, or not even that, before I had to stop reading before I felt like I was gonna lose some braincells reading more of it.

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"No poop in my soup" lol hilarious. How about, "No dicks in my clicks" I'm sad I ever clicked on this hot garbage.

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