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And so the lawsuits begin. I hope they are brought to justice and their names smeared forever.

Dr Helen Webberley ran a private transgender clinic from her home

This is what makes is 100% more terrifying.

There is no way that this woman and her husband were running this "clinic" for anything other than profit. Plain and simple, Helen Webberley wanted cash. And that's the reason I wholesale hold figures of authority accountable first. There are plenty of parents who don't know where to turn; they Google this new identity that their child is telling them about, and they find someone like Helen Webberley who promises to right wrongs they didn't even know existed, and create solutions for a problem they don't understand.

It's a scam. It scams parents out of meaningful relationships with their children, and out of their hard-earned money. It scams children out of their own bodies. All for £150 an hour.