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Really is interesting that this seems to afflict the children of so many celebrities. And conveniently too.

Dwayne Wade for example, is a known serial cheater and his wife Gabrielle Union was catching quite a bit of heat for not only looking the other way when he cheats, but for saying nothing when photographed with her husband's teammates clearly in the process of cheating on their girlfriends and wives. Not very girl power.

But one trans kid later, and all is forgiven. Some parents would just accept their effeminate son the way he is or maybe realize he might grow up to be gay and help him through that, but having a gay kid is so 2005. That won't get you on the cover of People Magazine anymore.

Side note: Remember when TRAs got super pissy because the story about Brad and Angelina's daughter being trans was wrong, and her parents were actually just treating her as a young, gender non-conforming girl? That was one of the moments I realized how anti-GNC trans activism really is.

They were so pissed that Shiloh was a carefree tomboy. It was deranged how upset they were when recent photos appeared to show her in less so-called tomboy clothing with longer hair.