I think her parents did just the right thing. She's an example of how it should be

My friend did this with her son. He was a very campy 3-7 year old. He loved to wear dresses, paint his nails, wore "makeup." Elsa was his favorite thing in the world. He wore her dress in public and had an Elsa birthday party several years. She let him do his thing. As he gets closer to puberty, he has lost some interest in stereotypical girly things and he's drifting more toward his older brother's interests. But he stills like certain "girly" things. My friend never made a deal about it. Hell, she supports his GNC ways. He's a happy healthy mentally well almost 8 year old. I'm so glad she didn't trans him.

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it breaks my heart when I read stories like these, of GNC kids that are allowed to just lead happy, normal lives exploring their interests, feeling supported by their parents, and compare that to kids that are transed. I hope collectively we get past the trans kids craze soon.

I don't know why my friend didn't go down that path like so many others. I'm glad she didn't. I think about it a lot. I have another friend who has a son who is doing many of the same things. This other friend is a total woke cult follower. I've written about her before. I've tried to explain why she should just let him wear dresses and ut doesn't mean he's not a boy. He's autistic and he has other developmental delays and severe anger issues. He's 7ish years old and almost nonverbal. I feel like she wants this special child label she can use to distract from the autism diagnosis. I told her about my other friend and how she let her son be himself and it's all working out fine. It's so scary how fast many of these parents move to do permanent harm to their children, and for what, woke points?? Fuck.

Your friend is a good mother. Signed, a former GNC kid, current GNC adult.