a computer gaming editor and interested in anime


I read that this article earlier today and started laughing. It's so textbook. It's the biggest farce. Unbelievable that anyone takes any of this seriously. Look at him. Ffs. He's like every slobby weird gamer bro with a porn addiction. It's comical until you remember this is actually happening.

"Computer gaming editor" was the first thing that jumped right at me, too. Like clockwork, right?

It would be faster for actual therapists to diagnose real gender dysphoria by asking them how much time they spend online and what their favourite genre of anime is.

"Well I mod at least 164 reddit subs and my favorite genre is catgirl/harem heeheee uwu"

I was looking for the autism diagnosis. Depressing.

i was looking for the autism diagnosis. Depressing.

I'd bet money on him being an undiagnosed autistic. When you're rich, autism is just being eccentric