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Since Ruby is adopted that might have something to do with it. There might be a higher rate of transgenderism in people who are adopted. Here's an NPR article from 2016 that talks about it, at least in children.

*edited since I didn't scroll down all the way in the article the first time I read it to see that the Dailymail did mention Ruby being adopted.

I'm tired of gender dysphoria being so trendy. Make no-nonsense gender nonconformity cool again! I feel like it barely was, anyway - and in certain parts, has never been acceptable.

Honest headline:

“Actor no one’s heard of since the 90’s jumps on trans wagon for media prominence in attempt at being relevant again”.

Ruby, 25, is a computer gaming editor and interested in anime (pictured at the 'One Piece Film: Gold' premiere on January 5, 2017)

Of fucking course he's a weeaboo in tech! He looks just like the sad incel you meet at every anime club. No wonder he's becoming a trans-trender!

Tbh I’m just surprised that someone who was raised by Christopher Guest, of all people, could do something so fundamentally self-serious.

Right!? I mentioned this to my mother and she was so surprised that this is the kid of the guy who was in Spinal Tap.

a computer gaming editor and interested in anime

Don’t reinforce any stereotypes there!

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There have been rumors forever in the film world that JLC was born visibly intersex, possible androgen insensitivity disorder, so this caught my eye.

Look at him, cliche incel. She must be so disappointed in him.

Slightly off topic, but for an adopted child, Thomas/Ruby looks a lot like dad Christopher Guest during his "Spinal Tap" days. The face & bod are chubbier, but an image search of Guest from the "Spinal Tap" era shows that the resemblance is strong. IMO, it's unmistakable.

Because Thomas/Ruby is adopted, he cannot inherit his father's barony to become Lord Hayden-Guest, 6th Baron Hayden-Guest, though he & his sister can use the title, The Honourable. I wonder if Thomas would have "transitioned" to Ruby if the rules allowed him to become Baron Hayden-Guest himself. Wikipedia uses The Hon. before the names of both Curtis-Guest kids: The Hon. Anne Guest and The Hon. Ruby Guest.

Maybe they used a surrogate and didn't want people to know about it.

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Under the GRA, men with royal titles who transition keep those titles and inheritances.

BUT!!! Women cannot transition to men and be eligible to inherit those titles.

My, my, my. It’s almost as if it’s all self serving for men!

Anyway, I think he couldn’t inherit his father’s title anyway because it was voted to do away with inherited peerage no? Or would he still keep the title?

The families keep the titles, but they no longer inherit the 'right' to sit in the House of Lords & make laws that everyone else has to live by. We still have 92 of the buggers squatting in parliament though.

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