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Wow! The Daily Mail has done a bang up job reporting on the growing animosity at Harvard University between the director of the diversity and inclusion task force, Laura Simone Lewis, and a longtime respected biology professor, Carole Hooven, over langauge used to describe pregnant women. Too bad that more liberal media outlets such as the New York Times and the Washington Post don't feel that Harvard University struggles over the use of langauge, language that directly impacts the female population in the U.S. and beyond, is worthy of itheir journalists' attention.

Interestingly, Hooven recently published the book, T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone That Dominates and Divides Us.: yet another book to add to my growng library of books by gender critical women authors!

Edited for accuracy.

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I looked and found exactly nothing about this diversity person. She looks female, but does the head tilt in the headshot. Wondering if anyone knows if she's female or "trans", because if she's a he, it would explain the rabid anger at a biologist not wanting to edit male and female out of teaching.

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I think she's a she. Judging by the way she looks and also the fact that she didn't start any tweet with "as a trans woman!!" A TRA who is so vocal about this stuff would be even more vocal about being trans imo.

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According to Twitter she is a PhD student studying the evolution of cognition with chimps and bonobos.

I feel she should be studying her Twitter followers, but chimps and bonobos might be somewhat less unhinged and more rational.

There’s a lot more sapience in chimps and bonobos than in TRAs, collectively and individually.

Sadly the Daily Mail is one of the outlets that doesn't mince things with this issue, and depending on where one stands on this, it gives TRAs ammunition to say pro-women stances are tabloid garbage, or it's the left leaning MSM has gotten so off the rail, they're making the likes of DM and Fox News look sane.

In fact in that Laura Simone Lewis's heavily ratio'd tweet, there are commenters saying they're liberal people who started watching Fox News minus Hannity & Carlson to find out what's happening on some things because left wing media has gotten so bad, and end up finding Fox's general news programs to be fairly balanced. My husband, who's more liberal than I, watches Fox News to find out what the other side is saying, and he tells me the same thing. (Caveat, I'm only describing what they're saying. IDK either way because I don't watch Fox News. Actually, I've stopped watching MSM news for years now because I no longer trust any of them.)

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I watch a variety of news sources and yes they're pretty balanced when it comes to most "normal" news. They only go off the rails when it comes to specific issues.

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The Daily Mail is usually a rag but lately they have been doing some pretty good journalism covering these topics.

This makes the FIFTH book this year by a GC woman that I want to read now! Talk about a banner year.

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Does anyone else feel like thw general public has had enough? The ratio on these statements are incredibe now. Feels quite different than even six months ago.

The public was never on board in the first place. Problem is the lawmakers, government, education institutions, companies, and woke organizations are simply steamrolling over the public to remake the entire system and world that way regardless of what people think. The only difference between 6 months (or however long ago) is that that more of the public is now aware of it. But that won't really help since those in power are still adopting laws to erase women and dismantling everything for women.

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I think the online public is mostly over it, but people who aren't online much are a few steps behind.

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I’m picking up on this too, but I can’t tell if it’s just my area or not

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I have met at least 6 people in public recently who expressed disgust and frustration with this whole trans thing, and I wasn't the person who brought it up. Out of the blue at least 6 people have randomly complained to me, a complete stranger, about how stupid this all is. People have definitely had enough.

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I'm in the middle of reading Hooven's book right now and it's fantastic! I highly recommend it!

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I know a few super GC evolutionary biologists as well. You're not doing your job correctly if you're teaching evolution and you think the idea of some type of biological spectrum is compatible with evolution.

This world is so dumb; please stop the Earth - I want to get off. facepalm

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To clarify, 2 women have differing opinions on what it means when we talk about biological sex at Harvard medical school , more importantly the issue of how biological females are treated in medicine is deeply rooted in misogyny and this continues till this day. As Germaine Greer pointed out including trans women into the medical category of women does nothing to improve treatment and care of women in health care; rather this new movement framed under the guise of ‘inclusivity’ is in fact failing to appreciate that the other group ‘biological women’ are now being told they should redefine who they are and their position in society, oppression of women should not be part of the trans movement, sadly it is and people like Carole Hooven & JK Rowling are attacked for staying the obvious; these attacks only further deepen our misogynist society. Such a shame that academics fail to see the inherent misogyny in what is going on here and people like PHD student Laura sit on the side of supporting misogyny rather than engage in understanding the deeper issues

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