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"Brenda notes her concern over the ABA’s shift towards supporting behavior which she says is completely contradictory to her job as a breastfeeding counselor. This includes affirming radical “top surgeries” for female-to-male transitioners, which will often destroy a female’s ability to naturally breastfeed, and supporting male-to-female transitioners who wish to induce lactation.

In a series of video training modules given to educate the ABA’s counselors on gender neutral and inclusive language, Jennifer Hurrell, a branch president of the ABA, is heard saying “a transgender woman cannot usually give birth … but it may be possible for her to breastfeed a baby” and cites lactation induction as an option.

Breastfeeding mothers who have trained as counsellors do not want to help men induce lactation.” Brenda says, going on to assert that “There is no evidence babies can survive on male ‘lactation’ … There is no basic science about what male bodies exposed to synthetic feminizing hormones secrete from their nipples.”

Fuck yes Brenda, she tells it like it is. This is so wrong to say women are discriminating against men they don't want to assist in lactation.