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Men trying to breastfeed should 100% be considered child abuse.

Also, why the shift to “chestfeeding” when it is known that men can get breast cancer… we don’t call it “chest cancer”…

Anyway glad people are fighting this madness. I haven’t had a kid yet but have thought about it and almost don’t want to because I don’t want to be called a “birthing person” or deal with any of this gender bullshit.

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Chestfeeding is also just inaccurate, the chest and breasts are two different things anatomically. There's just so much evidence that none of this new language is actually about being "inclusive" and that it's actually about erasing women. They only target women's bodies with their newspeak, we don't hear about "prostate-havers" or "ejaculators". The alternatives always sound really gross and dehumanizing. And there are virtually no people actually using them. There's what, literally just that one trans "dad" in the UK that gets trotted out every time. She's a useful idiot for them.