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“Women who don’t identify [as women] are very rare. They have very complex, high risk pregnancies and may choose not to breastfeed their baby as it exacerbates gender dysphoria. It is well beyond the scope of volunteer mother-to-mother breastfeeding counsellors to meet the psychosocial and medical needs of these people.”

Holy shit this group is made up of VOLUNTEER mothers, whose qualifications are basically made up of their personal experiences with pregnancy along with some training videos, and yet they're being asked to cater to TIFs, whose bodies are pumped full of drugs and minds are pumped full of propaganda that normal women can't possibly be expected to relate to or have knowledge of? Isn't this basically asking these women to commit medical malpractice?

In a series of video training modules [...] Jennifer Hurrell, a branch president of the ABA, is heard saying “a transgender woman cannot usually give birth … but it may be possible for her to breastfeed a baby” and cites lactation induction as an option.

“Breastfeeding mothers who have trained as counsellors do not want to help men induce lactation.” Brenda says, going on to assert that “There is no evidence babies can survive on male ‘lactation’ … There is no basic science about what male bodies exposed to synthetic feminizing hormones secrete from their nipples.”

WHAT THE FUCK? Not only are they being asked to cater to TIFs, but TIMs, too?! And with the TIMs, they aren't just being expected to know how to handle them medically, but they're expected to cater to their sick fetish, and also potentially be complicit in abusing an infant by encouraging it to consume whatever the fuck TIMs secrete? This is honestly criminal.

While inducing lactation in biological males is supported, in the Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding, and Human Milk Feeding booklet trans men who are dysphoric about their lactation are given tips on how to suppress their body’s ability to breastfeed.

HOW THE HELL are any volunteer mothers who joined a breastfeeding organization supposed to be able to relate to a TIF's desire to SUPPRESS lactation?! WHAT? A breastfeeding association that expects its volunteers to help women NOT breastfeed?!?

This might be one of the craziest articles on this topic I've seen. The Australian Breastfeeding Association is basically asking their volunteers to commit medical malpractice, abuse infants, help TIFs NOT breastfeed, and also act as involuntary "sex workers" by expecting them to partake in a TIM's fetish.

Bravo to Brenda for speaking out to get this shit public, and thank you to Anna for writing such a great article, and as always, huge thanks to MK for founding a platform to host the article.