Today, ERCC is advertising a post for a chief operating officer. In the blurb ERCC refer to the single-sex exemption in the Equality Act 2010 explaining “only women need apply”,

Got excited because this might mean they fired Wahdwa. Then I saw this.

before adding that as a “diverse organisation”, applications from “trans women” (i.e. males) are “especially welcome”.


RCS screenshotted supposedly abusive messages it got. I was surprised by what they considered abusive. They were questions from angry and upset women. No threats of violence. No name calling just ‘wtf are you doing this to women?’ It’s just staggering what TRAs consider abuse and what they think they should be allowed to say to women. Calling rape victims bigoted? No problem. A woman questioning this? Abusive.

Is Wadhwa HSTS? If so, that's another example of how gay TIMs are not necessarily any better than AGPs. I mean, I guess it's nice if he doesn't get turned on hearing rape survivors' stories, but he's still an MRA in drag.

He’s publicly discussed how some women orgasm during rape.

He’s 100% AGP and a sick twisted fuck.

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but he's still an MRA in drag.

As they all are. That’s what this movement is.