Okay die of prostate cancer then dude

You're born with male anatomy. You're a scrote. Wearing women like a costume doesn't change that.

When it comes to healthcare and they lie about their sex, it will hurt them, not us. Lie about your sex on healthcare forms, sure. Do it. 😈

could confuse statistics and make doctors shift the way they approach questions and issues (eg, "do you have a prostate" becomes universal). It seems like in some places they're already forcing their way into gynecological practices and getting doctors focused on female systems to learn about male anatomy, just in case...

I ALWAYS think back to that TIF who said she was male and wasted doctors' time searching for a kidney transplant because they kept getting female level readings from her, which were considered normal readings for men but near FATAL levels for female readings. She nearly died, but "thought it was cute and awesome" she was treated as a guy. And that moment where her uterus showed up on a scan and everyone collectively silently walked out at the sheer disbelief of it.


It just reads like a fucking onion satire piece, but it's REAL. This fucking earth...

Also numerous stories about a man being admitted for stomach pains only to find out they were TIFs and having accidental miscarriages or births.

Like call yourself whatever you want but biology does NOT fuck around.

Covid has been shown and proven to affect males more adversely. Is covid tRaNsPhObiC if transwomen get affected by it at the same rate that men get it? ffs.

To be fair I think TIFs are going to suffer more from obscuring sex than TIMs because medicine uses the male body as the default reference.

This is my fear as well. Females getting misdiagnosed by medical staff is a problem even among normal women who don't lie about their sex. And we've already seen it play out for TIFs. We know of at least one who lost a baby and nearly lost her own life because ER staff were told she was a man (and therefore never thought to check if her abdominal pains could be pregnancy related until it was too late)

Why we should avoid using AFAB and AMAB if possible. Using these acronyms to define spaces is at best, unnecessary, and at worst, dangerous.

Here I was getting excited that they were finally developing some self-aware wrt appropriating intersex language and how lying about their biological sex could harm them in a medical setting.

And then…

The acronyms AFAB and AMAB can mistakenly or through malice, be used to replace and mean the same thing as male and female or man and woman. (Usually with the intent or result of excluding trans women specifically)This ruins the whole point of having the acronym in the first place.

Nope, nope, it’s all about their narcissistic need for validation and invading women’s spaces.

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What if he goes under anesthesia for a major operation where he's still awake but the doctors gave him a female dosage not strong enough for his male pain threshold and feels every single thing while they slice into him?

Did I say what if, I meant hopefully

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Women are less sensitive to anesthesia than men, so it would more likely be the reverse.

Men are more likely to die from anesthesia because they don’t need as much for it to work and women are more likely to wake up and feel everything because they need more.

Oh, no no. Docs will likely be expected to double-check because of these assholes, thereby rerouting even more time and energy to their baseless cause.

When I was filling out my medical information for my COVID vaccine, the paperwork asked me for my birth sex. I responded as female, because I found the question offensive and disrespectful.

Reality is “disrespectful” I guess 😂😂😂

Contexts in which AFAB and AMAB should be protected.

corrections of specific historical records or narratives (for example, a geneologist might want to use AGAB when describing a database of birth certificates).

That's great except for the fact that the TRA assholes have campaigned for birth certificates to be changed on a whim if anyone involved starts identifying as trans. So Bruce Jenner can change his documents to "female" after 65 years of living as a male. And they'd love it if Jenner also had the right to alter his children's birth certificates so he's their "mother" instead of their father.

If this shit doesn't stop, birth certificates from this era are going to be worthless to genealogists and historians who want an accurate historical record

When I was filling out my medical information for my COVID vaccine, the paperwork asked me for my birth sex. I responded as female, because I found the question offensive and disrespectful.

FFS, medical forms don't ask about sex just to make you sad, bro. They do it for a reason. The COVID vaccine is new and we need data to see if it has different effects on males & females!

If these entitled morons can't handle this, they can fuck off and stop wasting time & medical resources that can go to people who deserve it

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Enjoy your wrong dosages of medication and incorrectly interpreted medical scans.

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