I found out a while back that my city has an ordinance forbidding discriminating against customers for their political views. It's more in the context of someone guilty of "wrongthink" minding their own business in the establishment, not someone making a ruckus. In the latter case, the business is still within its rights to demand the customer leave.

The more I see garbage like this, the more I think everyone deserves that kind of protection. The way the woke try to police everyone on every possible point of contention is getting way too close to a social credit score, which would deny basic services to all "bad" people, with the definition of "bad" expanding by the day.

So a group of women enter a bar, and are minding their own business, and the whole bar rallies round the narcissistic entitled man in a wig, asking him if he feels safe and comfortable. Unbelievable. I wonder if Marion can sue for harassment. He called her a slur and ordered her off the premises and she had done nothing. And his disgusting Tweets show exactly who he is. They really are pushing the boundaries all the time, aren't they? They want TERFS to have no jobs, no social or public life. That's why it's so frightening to be labeled a TERF. They've equated being a TERF with being a Nazi, and no one has a problem having Nazis kicked out of public life. But obviously it's the reverse. The TRAs are making TERFS into a subhuman class, the way the Nazis did with the Jews.

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They're also basically keeping Marion from socializing at this point - she can't get into "trouble" until her hearing. And trouble, obviously, can be her entering a bar. I hope one day she'll see justice.

The capture of the police force for silencing women is both terrifying and sickening.

THere was a recent decision in favor of those billboards that have the defintion of woman on it. So I would imagine in a court case, the t-shirt wearer would win.

Can't even get them to test the rape kits, but you need to disperse some uppity women or minorities? They're on it.