You read something like this and you can't help but wonder when they will start openly advocating for pedophilia. I know a lot of them say the quiet part out loud sometimes, but seriously, if bestiality doesn't get you fired, will pedophilia? You know there are tons of queer theorists just dying to justify kiddie diddling.

I feel like 'softening' the taboo of pedophilia at the minimum has already started. I know I've seen a growing sentiment that pedophiles (especially ones who do not actually act on their urges) should be treated with sympathy because they "can't help who they are attracted to."

Exactly this. I’ve mentioned it a few times here how I keep seeing this sentiment on reddit. They are definitely pushing it, quietly quietly, but it’s there the “we have to feel sorry for them because they can’t help it, and a lot of them don’t act on their feelings, and actively try to seek help” 🤮

It absolutely has and I get chewed out by libfem friends for pointing it out. They’re not even quiet about it really.

It really does seem like everything, including the most morally reprehensible shit in western society, is now "valid" and up for reinstatement. It's absolutely wild.

Some people are just inherently disgusting. If you want to sexually abuse anyone or anything that does not or cannot consent, you deserve every terrible thing that happens to you.