Yeah, it's disturbing. It kind of kills the whole notion of consent, too. The big argument against sex with animals (like there really needs to be one) is that animals can't consent. But if it's not sex, since sex is so nebulously defined, then it doesn't matter if there was consent. And if you extend it to people, a woman says she was raped because she didn't consent, someone's going to argue back that it wasn't really sex. How can you be raped if sex can't be defined?

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It kind of kills the whole notion of consent, too.

Killing the concept of boundaries and consent are 100% on the TRA docket, and you can see them actively grinding against them.

edit: Also, haven't we seen arguments coming from TIMs who say that "trans people can't rape" because of "fundamental power differences"? i.e. They're sOoOoO oppressed that them being rapists is impossible!

Where the hell did they get that from? Rape has nothing to do with systemic oppression/power?

Taking a shot at this but I feel like they bastardized the idea of "punching up"? I have seen in some liberal circles that suggest that POC "can't be racist," and I'm wondering if it has roots from those concepts.