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Queer theory is an absolute win for all perverts. It's also really simple, in a way. Whenever A objects to B doing something perverted (like, having sex with an animal), B can say "but, what is sex, really"?

Yeah, it's disturbing. It kind of kills the whole notion of consent, too. The big argument against sex with animals (like there really needs to be one) is that animals can't consent. But if it's not sex, since sex is so nebulously defined, then it doesn't matter if there was consent. And if you extend it to people, a woman says she was raped because she didn't consent, someone's going to argue back that it wasn't really sex. How can you be raped if sex can't be defined?

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It kind of kills the whole notion of consent, too.

Killing the concept of boundaries and consent are 100% on the TRA docket, and you can see them actively grinding against them.

edit: Also, haven't we seen arguments coming from TIMs who say that "trans people can't rape" because of "fundamental power differences"? i.e. They're sOoOoO oppressed that them being rapists is impossible!

You can extend it to pedophilia as well, or incest. After all, if sex is this strange thing that you'll never really understand, then how do we ever know if something sexual actually happened?

On that note, sex for most animals species is hormonal in nature. When the cycle kicks on, they look for partners, and often any partner will do. This is different from the affection and loyalty your cat, dog, horse, etc. shows specifically to you. They know the difference, making them smarter than people like Rudy.