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Thank you so much for sharing this interview.

I woke up late to what was going on with trans activism. Actually, it was the dismantling of the protests in Poland by trans activism that brutally snapped me out of any hope for reconciliation between feminism and trans activism.

The monstering of Kaya Szulczewska, Urszula Kuczyńska, and Iza Palińska was absolutely horrifying to watch unfold.

My own journey to feminism was very similar to Iza's: I grew up witnessing the terrible effects of the 1993 abortion ban, and the women in my family were outspoken about it. They knew it meant that poor women would lose rights but rich women could always bribe their way out of any constraints.

Another thing that Iza doesn't mention explicitly in the interview when she talks about the "sex work" language, but I assume underlies her analysis, is that if you were alive in 1990s Poland you saw prostituted women waiting for johns by the roadside, and you also heard of or knew women who'd been trafficked to brothels in the west.

Sorry to put it so crudely, but only an idiot would accept the "sex work is work" BS after witnessing how abused and exploited those women were.

I'm very grateful to Iza and other Polish feminists who have decided to stand against the advocacy for exploiting women that calls itself "feminism." My heart breaks for how much abuse they have suffered. They are the only ones standing up for working class and poor women in Poland today.

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I just couldn't believe what's happening in Poland when I first saw it. The "libs" in my country are pretty deranged, but damn, the Polish ones are just incredible. Just as the conservatives are - they seem to be competing who will get more extremely misogynistic.

Yeah, I call it socialism drowned in champagne. I wish I could offer more insight but I'm still in angry disbelief over how people of even my own generation who witnessed what I'd witnessed growing up could just tune out reality so easily.

The slogans and the activism are the same everywhere, and destructive everywhere.

This tweet from Julie Burchill has really stuck with me.