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Why is an eight year old wearing makeup and fake eyelashes? Why is an eight year old calling a vulva a "Mary"? So many questions.

Just let the poor kid pop on a skirt and play with dolls, why make a whole psychodrama about what it all MEANS?

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If they had just let the boy share his sister's stuff without making a fuss, he likely would have gotten bored and moved on to playing with other things long ago

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It's certainly been the case for my kids. They have a couple each of interests that are more or less constant, and the rest come and go. I don't make a big deal of either the gender confirming or non conforming stuff, and everyone is happy.

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"Jess Bratton remembers the turning point for her child Logan like it was yesterday, when she caught her three-year-old attempting to cut off his penis with a pair of scissors. The shocking incident made mum-of-two Jess, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, realise that doll-loving Logan, who was born a boy, was not simply going through a phase."

I wonder what made the little boy want to be like a girl, could it be:

"'Before this, I had tried to encourage Logan to dress in boys' clothing and play with boys' toys, but after the scare I decided to welcome her wish to change.' Not long before the incident, Jess had given birth to her youngest child Lylah, with Logan doting on his little sister from the start."*

A girl taking all the attention away from the boy and the boy being expected to do things he doesn't want?

If parents weren't hung up on what boys and girls are supposed to look like and what they are supposed to play with, life would be a lot easier.

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This 100% a lie. The cutting off penis trope is insidious.

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I have heard the penis cutting story so many times but I’ve never actually heard of a case where the kid actually goes through with it and ends up hurting himself. Luckily mom always catches her precocious toddler, scissors in hand, just in time!

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true.. suspicious indeed.. them trans kids sure know how to time it perfectly so mommy can walk in on them before the first snip

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If a boy did that I’d want him removed from his parents and them investigated.

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right? If I walked into a room and saw my toddler trying to cut off his penis, my first thought would be that he needs immediate psychiatric help, not that he must be a girl

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This. Most three year olds can barely hold a pencil properly, let alone have the dexterity to use scissors. They literally don’t have the hand skill at that age. She’s full of shit.

Possibly a sign of abuse (note, I'm not accusing the mum of anything, could be anyone) or made up.

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Thank goodness it's a lie because I would be beside myself if I walked in on my 3-year-old doing that. I wouldn't be all -- cool cool, he must be a girl. Bleah!

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When I was 3 years old, I got a hold of a pair of child scissors and actually cut my own lip while I was playing with them. I was just that stupid and curious. I didn't hate my own lip, I just was like "I wonder what would happen if" in a moment of extreme childhood idiocy. I still have the scar. It makes me laugh to this day because I remember the moment still. How much regret I had as a stupid 3 year old....like...duuuuuh. This is why you childproof shit and you have to watch your kids.

I bet that kid was just "playing" with the scissors if this story is even true at all.

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How do 3 year olds even know that girls and boys have different genitals?

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New baby sister. Also potty training kids follow parents into the loo, to find out what's what and see their parents' bits that way.

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How do 3 year olds even know that girls and boys have different genitals?

In many cultures, it's customary and considered healthy and essential to teach little kids the names for the human body parts, including the genitals.

Most kids pick up early on in life that mommy and daddy and boys/girls pee differently. Many little kids see mom and dad naked too, and distinguish the differences between mom's and dad's bodies from cuddling and sleeping with them, sitting in their laps and being so short that grownups' crotches are often directly in their line of vision.

Toddlers still in diapers are frequently in situations where they see other babies and toddlers of both sexes get their diapers and clothing changed. When tots start toilet training, the differences in male and female urinary anatomy become more apparent and of central importance to them. Boys can pee in a toilet standing up; girls can't. Moreover, lots of little kids run around naked with and take baths with their opposite sex siblings or playmates.

Since caregivers are usually female, most little boys have also been taken into ladies' loos, change rooms and locker rooms.

Most little kids are curious about where babies come from generally, and very interested in the story of how they were born. Some parents tell little kids stories about the stork. Others are more factual.

Finally, most little kids are interested in animals, and many have had contact with pets, gone to the zoo, visited or learned about farms, and read picture books and watched movies/TV shows about animals. They notice the different genital anatomy that male and female animals have - sometimes like at a zoo or on farm, it's pretty hard not to notice. Most little kids have been around dogs and observed that male and female dogs pee differently - and also that male dogs are the only ones that get erections and hump people's legs. Lots of little kids have seen dogs screwing too.

He is jealous of new baby and angry it takes his mother’s attention away from him.

This isn’t that hard, FFS

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He is doing some “adult” poses in these pictures… and wearing heavy makeup… abuse alert..

I just despair when I read stuff like this. It's at the point where it's just plain irresponsible for media outlets to give it space because it's harmful to other kids whose naive parents see their tiny son play with a doll and decide he must be a girl. All because they've read about all these other little boys who liked dolls and dress up and of course it's bigotry to not jump straight into trans affirmation.

A significant minority of little boys for various reasons like feminine things and toys marketed to girls. It's always been a thing. I have four kids most of them adults/late teens now plus I've known countless other small children over the last 30 years through involvement with pre schools, schools, friends and family etc...left alone they grow up to be average men. Some retain a feminine/sensitive nature, some don't, some are gay/bi, most are not.

My youngest son, now 15, was a little boy who loved dolls, princess dress up and playing with make up. His two older brothers quite the opposite. With hindsight I can see a few factors at play. Firstly he's very arty (plans to pursue art in higher ed) and interested in fashion. He is more sensitive and communicative than his brothers in the sense he talks a lot, is interested in people more than things, very sociable.

Some people would argue this is a 'girl brain' but it's really not - it may be a less common personality in males but he's very much a boy and doesn't appear to be confused about this.

The second factor that influenced his young behaviour was his sister, she's the eldest by some way and was a teen when he was born. He adored her, she was at an age where she loved having a baby to fuss over so they were 'buddies' and the two middle boys kept each other occupied usually with more stereotypical boy interests.

Him spending lots of time with big sis influenced a few things. She would watch lots of videos with him, often things she had liked as a child or the kind of stuff teen girls liked. She would let him sit in her room whilst she got ready to go out and let him do things like paint her nails or paint his. I suspect this early bond also contributed to his open, chatty communication style.

Obviously all families have different dynamics and where you place in a family can influence a lot. I feel that if I had my youngest now in the same circumstances an awful lot of people would be suggesting he is really a girl rather than just looking at the situation for what it is.

He's a lot more 'boyish' these days since going to high school and reaching puberty. As mentioned above I can still see traces of the princess doll loving boy in his personality but really it is just that - his personality, partly innate and no doubt partly shaped by his childhood experiences.

Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble but seeing gnc kids transed when they're barely more than infants gives me the rage. It's so irresponsible and any professionals involved with these kids are letting them down hugely by doing nothing to prevent it. I understand why the climate has meant they don't but nevertheless they are still being let down.

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Young parents really do scare me. This trend of transing kids or trying to have gender neutral parenting styles amongst younger millennials is going to backfire on this next generation of kids and their parents won't even know what hit them.

Sounded like she wanted a daughter and is trying to turn her son into one. Munchausen's by proxy anyone?

I think the trouble started just after she had a baby girl so the son was probably jealous, perhaps had been used to all of the attention before that, and suddenly a little girl was getting it all and maybe getting lots of nice stuffed toys, etc. that boys are not supposed to like.

I know I was jealous when my first sibling was born but we are the same sex, so rather than wishing to be her, by all accounts I just used to sneak into wherever she was sleeping and pinch her skin to make her cry. I think she did the same when the next sister was born. Its all about no longer being the spoiled baby of the family.

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She finds evidence that her child was sexually abused (if the story is true at all) and instead uses it as proof he's really a girl. Incredible!