Good article, the critic has been killing it recently! I wonder if a ‘kill a terf’ t-shirt would be considered a hate crime?

This is the same Looking Glass world that Fair Cop has been exposing in England and Wales, where any complainant is automatically afforded “victim” status and the accused is recorded (often without their knowledge) as having committed a “non-crime hate incident” — all without due process of law.

Unless one is a woman reporting being assaulted or raped, of course. Then the male perpetrator (especially if he’s a cockfrocker) will be considered innocent until proven guilty - in the unlikely even he’s arrested at all.

Wow. I wonder how people who've Actually experienced a hate crime would feel about this. Some people have been beat nearly to death, or killed, assualted, personal belongings or property vandalized/destroyed, for being gay, or for being black, but a shirt that has words you don't like on it? That's definitely way worse. The poor suffering of a man hearing what he doesn't want to hear. And to top it off, the constant abuse And violence directed towards women the world over, just for being women, isn't a hate crime anywhere and probably never will be considered one. Because men's feewing are more important than actual human lives.