Law-enforcement sources revealed that Merager is a tier-one registered sex offender with two prior convictions of indecent exposure stemming from incidents in 2002 and 2003 in California. She declined to comment on the convictions. In 2008, she was convicted for failing to register as a sex offender.

She also has a long criminal history in California that includes nearly a dozen felony convictions for crimes ranging from sex offenses to burglary and escape.

Wait a second, I’m sure I remember trans activists telling us that even with self Id voyeurism was still a crime so if we saw anything dodgy we could just report it. But women did report this creep and it led to accusations of transphobia and multiple riots …

Wwooooow look at the predator people were defending all because men can now hide behind the “trans” label.

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In 2008, she was convicted for failing to register as a sex offender.

Can someone explain this to me? The offender needs to voluntarily ask to be listed as a sex offender year after year?

Isn' t that automatic and in perpetuity? And why isn' t it?

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I think states do it that way so that they can update the offender's place of residence and employment for the police's records. It's a condition for release, I think.

Ah, ok, that makes slightly more sense.

I still think that states and police should do it on their own instead of waiting for offenders to do it. Offenders don' t have any benefit in making themselves more traceable, especially if they plan to keep abusing people.

A lot fo times, I think the offender never shows up and the police just never track them down/can't track them down.

So, the way this works in my state, every 6 months they're required to "register." A letter is sent to the residence they have on file and they have to bring it to the sheriff's department within so many days and have it verified. They're not taken off the registry or anything.

No they don’t have to re-register, but they have to update officials when they move so the registry (which is location based) can be updated.

Please say HE, not “she.”

Those are quotes from the article. Unfortunately the media is too woke to use correct language.

I think she's effectively addressing the author. And I agree.

So what never happens has happened again. I wonder if any "right side of history" media will mention this.

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This better get more coverage than just the NYPost. Shocking that this criminal has a long rap sheet of felony sex convictions.

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Someone tweet the primary source docs at Roseanna Arquette.

Edit: Or Patricia? I thought it was Roseanna, but someone else said it was Patricia.

I've always liked her. Her willful blindness on this issue is so goddamn disappointing. THat's the worst part of this whole gender woo. We KNOW a subset of the male class is irredeemable and we expect a good chunk of them to be awful towards women, but women who have previously championed our fight turn on us? It breaks my heart.

I think you're being too kind saying that Patricia Arquette is willfully blind. Alexis was desisting before he died, and she still insists he was her "sister" and justifies her online "activism" on that basis. She's using trans for clout as her traditional career falters. Hollywood is full of people like her.

Andy Ngo was on Tucker Carlson to talk about this story. Tweet. I doubt anyone on this site likes Tucker Carlson but he does have a large audience, so the story should at least be somewhat mainstream.

On which show Mr. Ngo takes pains to refer to this scum as "she."

Yeah, I saw that. 😬 They already hate you, Andy. It doesn't matter how accommodating you are they'll just find a problem anyway.

Listening to Tucker Carlson's voice makes my skin crawl...Andy's reputation just plummets even more by agreeing to that.

Tucker isn't one of my favorite newspeople, but I doubt other mainstream news networks like CNN or MSNBC would bring Andy Ngo on to talk about this. I wish more news people on the left would talk about the issues between trans' rights and women's rights fairly.

So the man in question already had a history of indecent exposure. Either this will be Hushed Up or will be dismissed as "no really trans" or "just an outlier". It's funny how often these things we are told Never Happen actually do happen.

Yeah, my money is on "not really trans" and then crickets when asked "how do you determine if someone is really trans." So predictable.

Basically, they’ve opened the door for any new pervs without previous crimal record to get away Scott free. They’ll only disregard the ones that already have records.

I wish more people would understand that, by the terms of the trans lobby, men like this ARE TRANS. They can't escape it when they pushed for self ID. The trans lobby created this situation themselves.

Of course, no one "acceptable" will point this out.

That is so true. It gives a huge incentive for men to be trans.

The TiM in my life came out on social media as “trans”, not as a “woman” lol, it’s like they don’t even care about self IDing, just about being different and getting something they feel entitled to.

It's known that indecent exposure escalates. It is a precursor to even more violent behaviours. Many rapists and murders have had incidents of prior indecent exposure. Off the top of my head, Libby Squire and Sarah Everard's murderers in the UK are two prime examples.

“Merager claims to identify as female so he can access women’s locker rooms and showers,” reads an internal flyer by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that was sent to law enforcement departments in southern California in late 2018.

If the TRAs decide to be smart, they'll lean hard into "He's not really trans and the fact that he keeps being arrested proves that the laws do work to keep out cis men" and hope everyone forgets that they were defending him as a vulnerable victim before finding out he has a record.

My fear is that his prior charges are going to be dismissed as "transphobia" (that's what he starts going for at the end of the article). He says that indecent exposure charges should not be able to be brought in spaces where nudity is allowed.

That's the next goalpost.

^ This right here. If they say there's such a thing as a girldick, then it can be exposed to women, but only if the women are in a vulnerable state (changing in locker rooms, nude spa etc). This is like a pervs wet dream.

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~bUt iT's aLl fAkE nEwS~

Let's see how Slate and Vice and all the others spin this one.

ETA: "Merager says she is speaking with progressive California lawmakers, like state senator Scott Wiener, in the hope that they change state law to better protect trans people."

It's true - Scott Wiener does prioritize the rights of male sex offenders over the rights of women. He's definitely a good person for this man Merager to go crying to.

The creepy dude is seeking an exemption from voyeurism charges for trans identified males in women’s areas. So in other words he just wants a complete free pass to predate on women and girls .

Seriously! It's so concerning and infuriating that the TRA side will LITERALLY defend a confirmed sex offender's "right" to offend with impunity before even sort of half-listening to women and girls. What's in it for them? Are they all perverts too?

I just don’t understand how trans supporters are fine with this. They are so determined that women can never have a point or legitimate concerns that it’s led to the absurd situation where they have to defend a sex offender!

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It's true - Scott Wiener does prioritize the rights of male sex offenders over the rights of women. He's definitely a good person for this man Merager to go crying to.

Someone needs to check this fucker's hard drives. Wiener has to be a predator of some sort.

Give it to a Wiener to prioritize wieners.

Next up...Wiener proposes a law in CA similar to TX bounty hunter abortion law, only this one targets "terfs"---super progressive!

He already tried to make it a criminal offense for caregivers to "misgender" a patient. And not in the sense that it can be a medical malpractice issue; California law called to put them in prison for it (never mind that caregivers tend to be women, people of color, and poor; although most being women was probably a motivator). It was recently overturned on First Amendment grounds, but that's what TRAs/woke MRAs are after: forced compliance to trans self-perception, and if you don't comply, you go to jail.

It'll be telling if Wiener takes Merager seriously considering he doesn't live anywhere near Wiener's district.

There are people giving Evan Urquhart hell in the comment section on Slate - and Evan deserves every bit of it. Acting like a real journalist, ffs.

Caleb MurdockAug 19, 2021 Evan Urquhart seems to be Slate's pro-trans writer.

cleandreams2 hours ago I am an engineer and by profession I design and implement robust systems. Pardon me if I apply this lens here but I have a point. The trans ideology in some respects strikes me as a fragile system. The trans activist position is that it is impossible for any male sex offender to use a trans woman identity to get access to women's spaces and then behave as a male sexual predator. But that has just happened, in the Wi Spa case. Of course it happened: male sexual predators are compulsive and obsessive offenders. Of course they will use trans woman identity in bad faith. They are predators! This will happen in jails, in rape crisis centers, etc. Why did trans rights activists not realize this would happen? Why didn't they understand how this can undermine their legitimacy? Why don't they work with women to compromise on these issues of safety? Why do they commit themselves to such a fragile ideological system? I'm frankly baffled.


Yes, anti-trans sentiment is growing in the U.S., and there are good reasons for that. Trans people aren't the sad victims of society that they want the world to believe they are. Yes, in ethnic neighborhoods, they are discriminated against and sometimes murdered, and that's totally wrong. But in their efforts to be accepted by society, they are doing a huge number of obnoxious things that no minority should ever do. Essentially, they are demanding more rights than they have a right to.

They are trying to redefine what "gender" is for the whole human race, though I can't figure out why people with gender dysphoria should considered themselves experts on gender. (Our gender arises from our sexual reproductive systems, not from our gender identity.) The redefinition of "gender" to mean "gender identity" serves only one purpose: to allow trans people to pretend to be real men and women, which they aren't.

Trans women are demanding the right to enter into all of women's single-sex spaces, despite the fact that trans women are not women. Trans women have male bodies, which gives them a clear advantage in women's sports. If they manage to get into women's professional sports, then the level playing field of women's sports will be completely destroyed.

Many trans women are resentful of real women (because that's what they want to be but can't), so trans women (with their male strength, which estrogen doesn't entirely remove) represent a danger to real women in dormitories, shelters, prisons and other places where women live.

Trans people are demanding that people speak about them using a special vocabulary. Who among us wants to be told how to speak?

Trans people are encouraging transgenderism among children, and in the process I believe many children are being harmed. The trans life is not a happy life, and children should initially be discouraged from "transitioning" (which isn't really possible anyway). Given an opportunity, many children will grow out of those feelings.

Last but not least, "cancel culture" is a phenomenon that basically developed to support and defend trans people. I for one am tired of being called a "hater", "bigot" and "transphobe" for having legitimate criticisms of the trans movement. Being called names has certainly not endeared me to trans people. (or should I say "endeared trans people to me"?)

I am a liberal Democrat and a gay man, not a conservative. I feel sympathy for people who feel that they were born the wrong sex, but they don't need to make their problem everyone else's problem.

The_Dystopian7 hours ago "But on Monday, charges of indecent exposure were discreetly filed against a serial sex offender for the Wi Spa incident, following an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Sources with knowledge of the case but not authorized to speak publicly say four women and a minor girl came forward to allege that Darren Agee Merager was partially erect in the women’s section of Wi Spa."

"Law-enforcement sources revealed that Merager is a tier-one registered sex offender with two prior convictions of indecent exposure stemming from incidents in 2002 and 2003 in California. She declined to comment on the convictions. In 2008, she was convicted for failing to register as a sex offender."

The only "hoax" is Slate's reporting.

I loved this so much I read it twice. Can’t wait to go check that comment section out.

How the fuck can anyone defend this??? I wish this revelation would peak the entire state of CA but the gendercult just be like “ohhh nonono he wasn’t actually twans uwu”

"He is a woman, he belongs in women's spaces!!! If you don't want a wiener in your face you're a horrible transphobe!!"

"It was all a hoax, there are no transwomen in women's spaces! He never even existed! Right-wing christian terfs paid him to pretend to be tran!!"

"He was just a predator, not real trans, but iT nEVeR hApPEnS!!!!!! No one would possibly become trans just to get access to women, also transwomen are never predators!!!"

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Appears to be the same upstanding citizen involved in this art heist.


This is the kind of serial criminal that TRAs think should be able to self ID into our change rooms, prisons, and bathrooms, where even little girls are present.

This is the kind of serial criminal that TRAs think should be able to self ID into our change rooms, prisons, and bathrooms, where even little girls are present.

But, a bad person telling lies for personal gain? THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Why? Because I said so. /s

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Also, let's all prepare for the news articles from mainstream sources to stealth edit their articles from weeks ago. I've already archived these two:

Anyone have time to help out? Sadly I do have to at least pretend to do my job today...

Here is also the current Wikipedia Page that appears to have not been edited since August 25th


You all are amazing! I'm honestly so grateful for this community.

Did you notice the update on the Slate article?

"Update, Aug. 2, 2021: On July 30, Los Angeles Magazine reported that five women, including the one who initially posted the Wi Spa video, have filed police reports alleging to have witnessed “male genitals” exposed in the women’s section of the spa on June 23. This does not contradict previous reporting by the Los Angeles Blade that LAPD sources suspected the incident to have been a hoax. This post will be updated if that assessment changes."


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Oh they are fucking salty salty coward little propagandists aren't they. Imagine if this was about something more serious, like a rape.


He's a registered sex offender. The TRAs will still stand by these predators.

I think a fair amount of TRAs are predators themselves.

And the hilarious thing is that they say that their sex offender status is due to transphobia (because trans people are more likely to pick up a sex offender status due to their presence in sex work). But how do female prostitutes avoid getting sex offender status then? The logic doesn't hold up. I saw the previous presented as a serious argument when it came out that one of the drag queen story hour people was a sex offender. NBD! ~Just Trans Things Uwu~

They'll just start narrowing in on anyone that "misgenders" him instead of discussing the real issue.

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Bloop! Got his full government name there. I’m sure we will hear crickets from the people who said it was a hoax.

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"Merager denies ever being erect or around children at the spa. She says she is actually the victim of sexual harassment by transphobic women at the Wi Spa."


It's literally that simple. You cannot identify into someone else's consent. Period. By their logic, you could basically rape someone and say "yes, but if I was the other sex/another ethnicity/different age he/she would've consented so it's their fault for not accepting my true identity !" (I know I'm exaggerating, but the idea is you can't force people to see you how you wish you were and give yourself permission accordingly)

And... If you're gonna call a pro women demonstration "far right evangelist anti trans protest", at least be coherent and call the AnTiFaS "authoritarian left anti consent/anti feminist protesters".


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You cannot identify into someone else's consent.

YES. 👏👏👏

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