Points out a good point about WHICH trans rights.

Do I think you should be able to get married? Yup.

Do I think you should be able to get a ridiculous surgery if you want? Sure. I'll pray for you because that's bad for you, but it's ultimately your choice and isn't hurting anyone but yourself.

Do I think you should be allowed in the women only spaces that our feminist ancestors fought so hard for? No.

It's not that I hate them. I want them to have every other right a human being should have. But every other human being also is not allowed to trample on the rights of others. That's the line whatever gender you think you are.

Right, I actually do support trans rights. Just not so far that their rights actually start harming me or others.

They have that covered too, the author of the article just didn't bother to put in the flow chart. If you don't believe that a man who says he's a woman is exactly the same as woman, then you're a transphobe. Your rights < man who says he's a woman. But in their mind the equation is "man who says he's a woman = same as a woman", therefore in their minds YOU are incorrect and therefore are not "losing" anything, thus you're a bigot. It's ridiculous.

Totally agree. It's the escalation from rights to privileges to outright bonkers demands.

An absolutely fantastic and concise takedown of TRAs using their own logic. Wonderful.

J K Rowling, still alive, in violation of the human rights of thousands of people with anime cartoons as profile pictures

This killed me lol

But nail on the head. I recently started having gender critical discussions with people in real life because I just couldn't take it anymore. I started with an explicit list of all the rights for trans people I do support (all but the ones at odds with the rights of others). I also value being open to changing my own views and said that I wanted to hear their feedback and thoughts. If their definitions of what a woman is and thoughts on the subject resolved my specifically stated concerns about the impact to the rights of women, lesbians, and gay men then I'd be fine changing my position. I also pointed out that, as they know with all my stances, I continually read opposing, alternate, and supporting views from a variety of sources because I want to make up my own mind and don't feel like all the effort of changing my mind should solely, and unfairly, rest on them.

I get called a transphobe in every conversation I have about this (except for one!). Even had one former friend threaten that they were being merciful by not trying to getting me fired for asking questions like 'what is a woman?'. Others have said that, in their opinion, I can't repair our relationship even with an apology and a change in worldview because my questions 'promote the murder of transwomen' (genuinely, how?). I keep asking how they can be allies to women and the LGB part of LGBT if they don't think about how their stances impact these groups. They only respond that I'm a transphobe and that's that. There is no gray area for some people. Sorry for the rant.

This is brilliant, and might even get through to people who are inclined to "be kind."