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This was pretty depressing. I’ve come to think of “gender studies” as largely referring to the kind of reality-denying nonsense we talk about on here, but this article seems to be talking more about the idea of women having even the most minimal presence in society as full human beings. Which is apparently way too much to ask.

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Doesn't seem like the author of this article understands what "gender ideology" is.

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Seemed to be taking a shot at western feminists for America's nation building failure in Afghanistan, so he should have just named it that but he's a man without the foggiest idea of the gender vs feminist wars going on he only knows women's studies were renamed gender studies.

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How do we expect a culture to go from hiding women away under burkas to legally enforced representation in government in such a short period of time? Had the goal been to burn the damn burkas, provide equal education for women, and full rights and autonomy for women (including the right to vote), then in due time the women of Afghanistan could have taken things farther.

When you see videos like that is it no wonder that so many saw us as purveyors of snake oil?